Wednesday factoids.

Today I am putting on my teacher hat and sharing with you all things I think you should know today. So sit upright, get out your pen and paper, and listen carefully… you will be graded afterward (haha, I kid, I kid):

  • The LA Blogger Meetup is THIS FRIDAY! FRIDAY you hear? I posted about it last Friday and I’m posting about it again. Let me know if you can make it so I can sort of get an idea of who all to look for. I don’t really have a plan and I’ve never been to St. Nick’s but I know it’s going to be awesome, so come!

  • Last week, the fabulous Distractible Jane bestowed upon me this lovely award:

    Thank you, thank you! And this award says that I have to pass it on to four more bloggers and tell you why I picked them, so here goes –
    Oh How Lovely Shops – I love Jamie and all of her blogs (she just started a new one!) but her shopping blog gave me several Christmas gift ideas this weekend and it’s just awesome.
    More Fun Than a Barrel – Every time she posts about food I find myself salivating at my computer and my wallet thinning as she shows me new places to visit in LA.
    The JQ Lounge – Julie Q was one of the first bloggers I started reading and if I was in Boston I’m convinced we would watch Top Model together :)
    The Every Day Adventures of Me in the City – I love her weekend learnings and hanging out with her at BlogHer this past summer was awesome.

    So there you have it, four more blogs that should already be in your readers, woo.

  • The great scarf swap has officially started! Sarah Marie P and Talia put together a fun scarf swap among all sorts of bloggers and the partners were officially announced today.

    And my swap partner is the fabulous wishcake, woo! I’m so excited to get a scarf for her and see what she picks out for me, I love a good scarf.

  • Oh did I mention the LA Blogger Meetup is this Friday? Yeah you should be there.
  • As weird as it is, Fringe is surprisingly entertaining. Now I know I am slightly biased with my love of Joshua Jackson and all but I recommend checking it out.
  • The human head weighs eight pounds.
  • Matt and I are having a Christmas party in a week in a half and I’m sort of really excited for it, I love Christmas and parties and awesomeness.
  • Listening to the Nutcracker Suite makes me beyond happy and definitely got me through the workday today.
  • There’s a blogger meetup on Friday, are you going? :)
  • I’m reading a book by Alice Sebold, The Almost Moon, and it is so effed up. I can’t decide if I like it or not yet or if I’d recommend it but it’s interesting for sure. And it’s definitely not Twilight, man I miss how much I loved those books.
  • I love pizza.

Okay class, your test question today is: What is the capital of Burkina Faso?

Haha, seriously I don’t know what I’m on or what this post was about but you learned something right?

happy wednesday!