Oh yes, another Twilight post.

It’s here, it’s really here, the weekend of Twilight has arrived. Sadly I did not go to a midnight showing, so this is not a post of how awesome the movie is and how I dreamed I was Bella last night, no no simply a post of my sheer excitement.

Seriously after my obsession with the Dark Knight I was pretty sure I would have no movies to anticipate for the rest of the year. However, my sudden Twilight fandom has changed all of that and I find myself talking Twilight, reading Twilight, watching Twilight (oh I can’t even count how many times I’ve watched different versions of previews), listening Twilight, hell straight out just Twilight.

Now some may say I’ve become a TwiHard or a FanPire, but I’d just like to say Twilighter. I’m not making the trek to Forks, Washington any time soon, I’m not asking the stars to bite me, I’m not pretending vampires are out there lurking, but I am having a great time enjoying these books, anticipating an even bigger enjoyment of the film version and I’m not apologizing for that. So hopefully you all aren’t sick of my Twilight talk or Rob Pattinson obsession just quite yet.

Oh! And before I forget or you’re curious about this Twilightness check out Jenn‘s hilariously accurate guide to Twilight , haha.

Anyhoo, hope you have a fabulous weekend Twilighting or not :)

happy friday!