From eh to awesome.

So apparently I can’t really put together a full on post without bullet points or huge spaces and that trend is continuing today, just so you know….

Things that were eh about yesterday:

  • My credit card bill. Ew.
  • The fact that I woke up multiple times during the night tossing and turning and making me ridiculously exhausted during the day.
  • My hamstring that has yet to fully stop hurting, ugh.
  • I was still in a weird sort of ‘funk.’ Don’t know how to explain it or what it is but it’s still lingering.

Things that were awesome about last night:

  • My random tuna, pasta, Alfredo sauce, onion, and tomato dinner that I managed to put together.
  • I got my Autumn Mix CD swap (that Legally Heidi put together) in the mail from July Bug that I can’t wait to listen to!
  • Not only that, I came home to my free Nintendo DS. Oh yes, you heard me right, a free DS. Much thanks go to Brand About Town for that one. And I think Matt would probably want to thank them too for the awesomeness.
  • My neighbor came over for a Top Model/Stylista “marathon” which was totally girlie and completely what I needed.
  • Not only did we divulge ourselves in girlie TV we also talked Twilight and of course that just makes me happy.
  • Ending my night curled up with Eclipse and Matt, mmmmmlovely.

And how has your day been?

happy thursday!