Boas, Bowling and Tommy Guns. Sweeeet.

Why helllooooo there everyone. I seriously can’t get over how fast this weekend flew by it was slightly crazy. Want to hear about it? Well go to the bathroom and maybe grab some popcorn, this could be a long one, but I do have pictures, so that helps right?

Friday: Got home from work and relaxed with Matt a bit before getting all dolled up for the night (well I got dolled up, Matt just got handsome). After some prep time we headed over to my parent’s house so I could see some of the cute neighborhood kids and my brothers and show off our own costumes:

“hey doll how ya doin there?”

So yes we went with the flapper and the gangster, Party City to the rescue, haha. I loved rocking it all, even if I did get boa feathers all over my car and everywhere else I went. After my parent’s house we headed to a party at our friend’s house. Even though we knew practically no one there it was still a good time, not the drunken mess of Halloween’s past, but still fun. I actually didn’t really take any pictures at the party (surprised? oh I know, I am too) but one was already put up of all the ladies there that I sort of loved:

So yeah party, party and Halloween was a success. And I think my favorite costume(s) of the night were the twin girls down the street from me that are 2 and were dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2, it was simply precious!

Saturday: Got to sleep in a bit which was awesome. After I organized the massive laundry pile Matt and I had I headed out to run some errands which was just as awesome. Got to meet some friends and my sister for a bit and then headed to DSW because seriously I needed some new shoes. According to my blog the last time I got new shoes was last November, November people! Almost a full year without any new footwear! Blasphemy! Nonetheless I found two pairs of fabulous shoes that I sort of really love:

When I saw the zebra print ones I was seriously in LOVE. I said to myself, “if they have my size, I have to get them” and alas a size 10 was there waiting for me, a sign of fate. As for the tan shoes, I sort of like them, sort of love them and sort of not sure. What do you think about them? I’m sort of on the fence, but I still like them, haha. After the shoe success I headed out in search of some new jeans and Hark! I found some new American Rag Co. jeans that fit just perfectly, seriously I’m in love.

Post shopping awesomeness I came home to catch up on some TV and relax with Matt for a bit. Afterwards we headed to Marina Del Rey for our friend Gianni’s 25th birthday bonanza at this delicious Italian restaurant. Seriously the food was amazing and it was tons of fun hanging out and getting to know some of Gianni’s friends.

he was pretty excited about his birthday cake

After dinner a couple of us went bowling at a place nearby and it was AMAZING. I love bowling. I may not have talked about it before, but seriously I love me some bowling. It’s always a fun time and always a good time and really, I just love it.

check out those sweet bowler names,
I was Trish, my preppy alter ego, haha

the ladies were the “9 club” for a while,
reppin the 9s
all the guys in the arcade

in between our turns, smiiiiile

the birthday boy and his gf, Laura
so cute!
the best game of my ENTIRE life!
166! four strikes in a row! ah!
me celebrating with my score, wahoo!

After my kick assness at bowling we played in the arcade for a while (seriously who doesn’t love DDR and basketball) before finally calling it a night. Seriously, such a great night, loooove it.

Sunday: After some more sleeping in and relaxing in bed I pulled out Twilight and finished it. And ohmygoodness. You can just add me to that group of crazies that looove it all and want to meet their own Edward, le swoon. Seriously I loved the book and cannot wait to see the movie, now I just need someone to see it with me, haha.

After I finished Twilight I headed to the movies with my mom to see The Secret Life of Bees. I thought it did a pretty good job of following the book and I was definitely a fan. A very mother/daughter movie outing too.

Post movie was another 9 mile walk in prep for the half marathon (that is only 11 days away!). And man was I exhausted afterwards, 9 miles is a lot to walk, and to think I’ll be doing 4 more than that, haha.

And that my friends was the weekend, whew.

And how was your Halloween? Any crazy stories? Any weekend awesomeness?

happy monday!