"I put a spell on you."

Last night was awesome. Awesome I say.

After the week I’ve had at work already, it was just the night I needed. I came home after work to help Matt make dinner and I finally got to try this recipe I saw on City Mama for broccoli casserole. It was so easy to make and so incredibly delicious:

So yes, if you like cheese and broccoli then you will definitely enjoy this easy dish…yummm.

Once we were done with dinner and dishes, our neighbor came over to carve pumpkins and watch Hocus Pocus. It was so much fun. I never knew pumpkin carving could be so entertaining and a movie that’s fifteen years old could still make me so happy.

Matt’s a pro pumpkin balancer

using the scooper to clean out the pumpkin

I would have gotten more pictures of the carving process except my hands were covered in pumpkin goop and we were having too good a time to stop and take pictures. However once all the pumpkins were done of course I got my camera out:

us with our masterpieces, woo
all three of the pumpkins,
a bat, a skull and a ghost
we’re so creative!

all lit up

So yes twas a lovely night. And I’m definitely in the Halloweeeen spirit now :)
Is it Friday yet?

happy thursday!