Bebes, Keanu and ridiculousness.

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means everyone….time for the latest and greatest in good ole Hollyweeeeeird:

  • I was looking for some of the cutest Hollywood kids in their Halloween costumes but none really stuck out at me just yet, however Violet never fails in the cuteness and who am I to deny a Violet picture:

    freakin adorable!

  • Okay although they’re not my faves (granted I’ve yet to see their show), Tori and Dean totally rocked the family costume this weekend and I sort of love it:

  • Lastly in bebe news, Amy Poehler gave birth to little Archie Arnett over the weekend. Seriously Archie and Olive Cohen can date when they get older and be the funniest kids on the block with their seriously hilarious parents, haha, lurve it.
  • In not so cute and adorable news, American Idol alum and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew were all brutally murdered this weekend. Seriously it is just so incredibly sad and coming at a time where Jennifer is at the height of her game with a new movie and solo CD. And to lose people so close to you I can’t even begin to imagine. My prayers and thoughts go out to the Hudson family, and hope they’ll be able to make it through together.
  • In other saddish, ridiculous news, some crazed stalkeratzi is suing Keanu saying he ran over his feet with his car. The initial assault claims were dropped a month ago but the civil suit is still going strong and the jury selection started today. Seriously, why couldn’t I be on that jury??? Granted I’d be a little biased…just a wee bit.

  • In other things that I love, I just started reading Twilight and seriously why didn’t I start reading these books sooner??? It’s like reading a Fear Street book mixed with a Nicholas Sparks book and I sort of am in love. And really, Edward, le freakin swoon, haha. And Robert Pattinson cast as Edward, perfecto. So yeah I’ve watched the trailer to the movie a couple times already and I’m about 100 pages into the book. Oh man I’m excited, another book I love and a movie with vampire awesomeness.
  • Speaking of other things I love, TV, obviously. Here’s the two second cap on the shows.
    Heroes: Seriously this show is getting so effing weird. I love it, I hate it, I still love it.
    Brothers and Sisters: Definitely becoming one of my faves, oh those crazy Walkers and illegitimate children.
    Desperate Housewives: Seriously I was screaming at Edie’s husband the whole time and wanting to fight for Mrs. McClusky so much. And yay for Catherine being awesome to Bree, love it. This show is getting better and better I think.
    The Hills: Thank god I don’t have their drama. Or a friend like Stephanie. Or their douchey boys(except Brody, he always cracks me up), gah. But I do want Lauren’s wardrobe, minus those holey pants I already have those. And Brandy!?! On the show!?! Where the hell have you been the past couple years? You’ve resorted to the Hills to get refamous, good gracious, what is this world coming to? haha. And Audrina, shut the eff up and get over JB and his dbagness. How do you turn down an Australian?!?! Gah I can’t watch this show any more!
    Top Model: Team Sheena! That girl is my fave, I freaking love her.
  • And to end today’s post I bring not so much WTF news but ASC (awwww so cute) news of a super dog that stayed inside a burning house to make sure four newborn kitties were okay. Seriously this dog is adorable and precious and the dog and all the kitties made it out okay.

And that my friends is today’s Hollywood happenings, anything I missed, fill me in?

happy tuesday!