Fog can’t stop the weekend, but it sure can make it interesting.

Driving twelve hours in one weekend up and down the California coast is seriously exhausting. Yeah that was my weekend in a nutshell, haha, but here’s the semi-extended version:

Friday: Got home after work and kicked back with my DVR and it was pretty sweet. I was supposed to go out with a girl friend but she had to cancel last minute and Matt was in Vegas so it was just me and my TV for the night. At first I was kind of nervous because I don’t really do well in quiet or by myself, but I made it through. Caught up on my DVR somewhat and then popped in one of my most favorite Halloweenish movies, Practical Magic. Seriously I love that movie and I always watch it around Halloween, same with Hocus Pocus which I’ll be watching before Friday some time, woo. My friend who I was supposed to meet with ended up calling me and we talked for such a long time and it was great only because we hadn’t talked in such a long time and only knew how the other was doing via our Myspace pages. Seriously, catching up with friends and relaxing is the remedy for a lovely night.

Saturday: Woke up ridiculously early to pick up my mom and aunt and head up to Big Sur for a cousin’s 60th birthday bash. The party was at this cute little cabin like resort tucked up in the woods and was awesome. There was a great lunch, lots of wine, a great blues band and tons of family, all in all amazing:

the scenery was amazing in Big Sur
there were even chairs in the creek, amazing

my cousin julie and i

mmmmdesserts oh desserts

check out all those purdy toes

everyone smile with the birthday boy

the birthday boy playing harmonica with the band

All in all the weather was great (although a bit chillyish), the food was amazing, and it was great to see family.

The most ridiculous part of the night though came on the ride home. Driving up the coast in the middle of the night on a windy road…yeah I saw my life flash before my eyes a couple times. I’m pretty sure the fastest I drove home was around 20 mph, it was a little ridiculous, there was so much fog on the road I could barely see in front of me. Luckily I had my mom and aunt as copilots for the drive but man it was still scary. After the drive from hell we eventually made it to our hotel in Monterey and were able to unwind and relax and sleeeeeeep.

Sunday: Woke up to more fog and slowly got on the move. Then my mom, aunt and I headed over to visit and aunt and uncle on their ranch and chat for a bit. Afterwards my mom drove the bare minimum speed limit (haha, you know you did mom) and we eventually hit the midway point where I took over driving duties and we made it back to town in two hours. Once we got back I spent the night hanging out with Matt, watching some TV and just relaxing, it was lovely.

And how was your weekend? Any death defying experiences to tell about, haha?

happy monday!