Ask le boy.

So when I tried writing this post last night I was having some serious issues….er more like a brain fart. Apparently I’m running low on the blog post ideas which is so weird because I always have something to say about anything. But alas, a couple glasses of wine later I could not put together a semi-decent blog post.

However, I did get the bright idea to open up the floor to my blog readers. But not to me, to Matt! Yes, yes one day I will have the “ask the blogger” anything and everything post when I absolutely have to, but in the meantime (and by pseudo inspiration of SO@24) how about you ask my most favorite boy aka the roomie aka le boy aka Matt, my boyfriend anything you may possibly want to know about him or me via him?

He said he’s game for any questions so ask away and I’ll post the answers soon after. I’m curious what you guys have up your sleeves? Woo.

happy thursday!