Hollywood may have bad TV, but it’s got cute bebes.

Hollywooooooooooood. Yeah I went there and said it like that. Just sing it and you’ll love it. Anyhoo moving on we’ve got the bebes and the music and TV and WTFness, so let’s go:

  • Today’s bebes are seriously some of the cutest in Hollywood (not to be outdone by my fave Violet, but pretty dang close). Little Olive Cohen is almost 1 and she is freaking adorable and Isla is one cute mom too, so precious:
  • And bebe numero dos comes from little Kingston the rockstar rockin his Halloween costume a bit early, but oh so adorable as a wee little skunk:

  • In other adorable, precious and amazingly awesome news one of my most fave musicians, Craig David, has reemerged with a new song and apparently a Greatest Hits CD coming soon. Sadly it’s all staying in the UK, but that doesn’t mean I can’t watch this new video over and over, enjoy:

  • In other fantabulous video/music news, I can’t stop listening to Brtiney’s “Womanizer.” It’s so damn addicting I just can’t stop. However, I must say that Joel McHale’s version may be the best thing I’ve seen in a while and I lurve it. Check it out and prepare to laugh.
  • Unrelated to music and bebes some celebs have really been rockin the best fashion lately and I just have to share. I sort of really love the dress Ann Hathaway wore to the premiere of Rachel Getting Married:

    I don’t know if I could rock it, but man I would love to try.

    And another dress I’d love to rock is the gorgeous yellow number Thandie Newton wore to the same premiere, dashing:

    It’s so simple, but I love it.

  • And on to some horrendously awesome television recaps/revelations/thoughts/exclamations:
    The Hills. Seriously can I be friends with dbag Doug? He has his own jet. How is that not awesome? But I guess if I was friends with Doug I would have to hang out with Justin Bobby and I think he’s the biggest of the dbags (with the exception of Spencer). And Stephanie’s new guy, Cameron? Where the crap did they find this loser? I mean really where do they find all of these ridiculous guys. Gah I can’t even type any more about this show, it drives me nuts!

    How I Met Your Mother. Let’s just say, I did not see that coming. What an episode, both funny and sad and funny but more like wow. What is going to happen!?!?

    Desperate Housewives. Susan and Mike’s son MJ is freaking adorable, seriously what a cute kid. And Edie’s husband needs to stop being so creepy, it’s just eerie. And ummm yeah that’s all I got for now.

  • And lastly, today’s WTF news come from a horse named Cholla. If that name alone doesn’t sell you I don’t know what else will. Oh well besides the fact that this horse paints and its artwork will be going on display. Seriously what will we be seeing next? Heidi trying to have a singing career? A monkey win an Oscar? Who knows.

And that my friends is the happenings of Hollywood. Woot woot.

happy tuesday!