It’s a questionable Friday.

Clearly I’m too lazy/tired/exhausted/boring/creative for a real post today, so alas I pose some questions:

  • How long untilI eat all of the Cheryl cookies?
  • Has NKOTB’s new CD really been in my car player for a month and a half? I just can’t stop.
  • Have you ever showed up to work looking like you stepped out of the H&M prepster academy? No? Well I did, today, and I sort of love it. (but don’t tell anyone, haha)
  • Seriously who is going with me to see Josh Kelley either October 29th, November 5th or November 11th? I need a concert partner, stat!
  • Is that a bagel I smell? No? Coffee cake? Ah! Stop teasing my nostrils!
  • Where is Ryan Gosling?
  • Why do my Dodgers torment me so?
  • Why does Nyquil induce the weirdest possible dreams?
  • Where is my watch? I feel so naked without it. Anyone else feel like that?
  • Lanolin? Like sheep’s wool?
  • Is it just me or was this week incredibly long?
  • Why the heck does John McCain blink so much?
  • Will I get to sleep this weekend?
  • What the heck should Matt and I do tonight?
  • Anyone want to go bowling?
  • And what are you doing this fine weekend?

happy friday!