Woooooooe is me, a Halloween predicament.

Yesterday when I left work it was dark outside, dark I tell you at 6:30 pm. And the weather was in the 70s/80s not the 100s. So yes, yes it is finally October like weather in good ole Southern California and I love it (minus the dark after work thing, that I could still go without). And with Octoberness and Autumness comes one of my favorite holidays, Halloween!

As you may or may not know I love dressing up and I love theme parties, and of course Halloween is just one big ole theme party. In college I was all about the group costumes and since I’ve been with Matt I have have throughly enjoyed the couples costumes and this year is no different. Matt and I have been racking our brains to think of a fun couples costume and we’ve both been drawing blanks. In our years of coupledom we’ve gone as Pebbles and Bamm Bamm and a nurse and patient, so both of those are out. Other than that, we’re stuck.

Other costumes that are highly entertaining but have also been nixed include:

the bad genie

a human beer pong table

and the biggest show on earth

Clearly none of those costumes would suffice for Matt or myself so alas we are in a predicament. Hence where you, my creative readers, come into play. Please oh please share your Halloween costume ideas and if we happen to go with your suggestion you’ll win a most fabulous prize!

So share away, we need the help!


happy wednesday!