Nothing says houseparty like Jell-O shots.

Oh. Em. Gee. What a freakin weekend kids. I mean really. It was slightly ridiculous. And I’m still recovering….oy vey.

So here we go:

Friday: After a week of allergy induced days and nights Matt and I decided to take it easy. So after work we relaxed at home, caught up on the DVR and enjoyed some good ole Chili’s to go, delish. Not even kidding, it was one of the best nights in a long time of sheer relaxation and awesomeness, haha.

Saturday: Woke up “early” to run errands all around town. Who knew you had to do so much to get ready for a party? Between the two of us, Matt and I went to Target, Circuit City, Ralph’s, Old Navy, Target again, Matt’s mom’s house, my parent’s house,Smart and Final and Circuit City yet again, haha. After the errand running came the apartment cleaning and playlist creating and food cooking and showering and whew. It was a lot to do but totally worth it. We had a pretty great turnout of people and all around a grand ole time…pictures you say? Pshaw. Of course I took pictures :)

yes we’re back in college, woo Jell-O shots

what lovely ladies

Megan and JR, so cute

Matt, me and Brian, presh

Roomies! :)

haha, we crack ourselves up

Me and Matt with my cousin and her fiancee, woo

Reppin the yellow, haha

The guys hangin outside

I have no idea what Kat and I are doing, haha

All in all it was one great party. My friends all brought gifts (which they totally didn’t have to) ranging anywhere from gift certificates to red wine and freezer shot glasses, haha. I finally met my neighbor after I kidnapped her and bribed her with Jell-O shots and a common love of Top Model, haha, so that was sweet. I loved it all. And it was quite the night of great friends, too many drinks, lots of Jell-O shots and impromptu dancing, twas amazing.

Sunday: Sunday…oh Sunday…oh day after a party….oh my liver…my stomach…my head. I swear I’m never drinking again (at least not until this weekend, haha). Er maybe just never doing Jell-O shots again. Who knows? But whatever it was had me curled in a ball trying to sleep away the pain all day long, it was not a pretty sight. Eventually I mustered the energy to go walking with the fam and only made it three miles before I had to call it quits and sleep in the car for the last three miles, haha. Seriously, I’m so not 21 anymore. My body can’t handle too much partying, it’s so sad. After walking I went to my parents house for dinner which was nice and tasty. Eventually I started to feel better and Matt and I went home, did some cleaning and more relaxing and some TV watching (anyone watch Desperate Housewives? Sooo good I thought. Woo Mike! ), twas lovely. Afterwards we headed to bed where I was ready to pass out for a good night’s sleep, but sadly my nose had other plans. I was up every couple hours sneezing or sniffling or cursing at my inability to stay asleep, it was awful. Seriously I need a new liver, new stomach and new nose, pronto!

So yeah that was my weekend, and hopefully this week will fly by allergy free because I’m headed to Ohio on Thursday! Wee!

And how was your weekend?

happy monday!