I’m Happy and I know it.

Oh man, ever have one of those days, or weeks even where work just gets you down? I’m trying my best not to be stressed with all of my new stuff and slowly bu surely I’m getting to it all and hopefully kickin butt in the process. But with all the stress and work I’ve had lately, there has been more than enough good stuff to go around such as:

  • The more than obvious Ryan run in that still makes me happy (especially since there have been two more sightings since, woot).
  • The same Ryan run in post has brought in tons of new readers a la Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling forum boards, holla. (hi new peeps!)
  • My Dodgers won the NL West! After a season of ups and downs, multiple letters to the team and numerous close calls with the Diamondbacks we actually clinched the win! Woo hoo! Go Blue!

    and my other team….the Trojans…..yeaaaaah we’re not talking about that. (although if you ask Matt he’ll tell you all about it)

  • The Grey’s Anatomy season premiere is waiting for me on my DVR to watch this weekend and I cannot wait. So no one tell me what happened okay? Sweet thanks.
  • Matt and I are slowly but surely getting into a groove with our apartment. It doesn’t help that we’re both so busy and our schedules are constantly changing but we’re doing our best and that’s just fine for me, woo.
  • Jen and Violet are just the cutest mommy/daughter duo and it’s been too long since we’ve seen their adorableness and it just makes me smile:
  • Lovely Bones. As creepy and sad and disturbing as this book is, I absolutely love it. I’m pretty sure Matt is even getting tired of me saying it because every time I put it down I say “I just want to finish and know what happens, I love this book!” Luckily I only have 20 pages left and I can’t wait to see what happens at the end, I’ve been so enveloped in this story it’s crazy. Well done Alice, well done. Oh and random side note: Ryan Gosling was originally slated to play the dad in the new movie adaptation of the book, however because he looked to young Mark Wahlberg replaced him. Crazy huh? Ryan is everywhere! :)
  • In one week I’ll be gallivanting around Ohio with some of my favorite friends and I cannot wait! Wahoo!
  • Matt and I are having a little housewarming shindig this weekend and I can’t wait. I don’t even know who all is showing up but who doesn’t like to have friends over and drink and be crazy. And hey maybe even my neighbors will come over to partay too? But woo for housewarmings!
  • It’s Friday! What better reason to be happy could I have than that?!?

And what’s making you happy today?

happy weekend!