Katelin meet Ryan. Ryan meet Katelin.

by katelin on September 25, 2008

Okay so first of all, just wanted to say I hope I didn’t come off as putting those awards in everyone’s faces yesterday. I wasn’t trying to do that at all, just wanted to pass on the goodness all at once because there are truly some awesome blogs out there. So yeah, not trying to be snooty, just sharing.

However in more important, exciting and overall awesome news….I finally met Ryan Gosling!!!!

Auburn Kat must be psychic since she posted yesterday that she hoped that it would be the day I met him and squeeeee she was right!

So how did it finally happen you ask? Well let me tell you….

I was sitting at my desk, working away (per usual) with my headphones on and my coworker goes “Kate! Kate! He just walked by!” I, as expected, darted from my desk to the door to double check this and oh! He was right, I saw Ryan walking away with dog and a friend in tow. So I dash back to my desk, grab my purse and head down the street behind Ryan with plans to go to the coffee house down the street. I really had no idea what I was going to do or say, but I just wanted to meet him. My other coworker came out the door behind me and we walked (a little faster than normal, haha) down the street when to my surprise Ryan stopped because his cute lil mohawked dog, George, had to do his business*, haha.

So basically my coworker and I walked up to where he was as he was trying to calm his dog, haha. I sort of walked by but then stopped to pet the dog (even though I’m highly allergic to most furry creatures, haha) and started making small talk. Eventually my coworker and I introduced ourselves…well she said her name and I don’t know what I said the first time because he had to ask and then I was like “Oh right, I’m Katelin.” I couldn’t help it, I was flustered, I was talking to Noah! After I told him I was a big fan and that his dog was cute and I was surprised I wasn’t sneezing, I finally mustered up the courage to ask for a picture with him. And he was more than nice about it and suggested we move away from where his dog had pooped and then peed, haha. So we moved to the sidewalk some more and my coworker took a picture, holla. Afterwards we both told him it was nice to meet him, he said the same, and then we kept on walking to the coffee house. Well I sort of skipped, but not too much, haha. So yes Ryan is just as cute in person as you would expect, he is incredibly nice, has a super cute and very active dog, and is so down to earth it just makes him awesome. He definitely gets super cool celeb points for all of that.

Oh and here is the oh so awesome picture that I can’t wait to add to my celebrity collection, haha, woo Ryan:

Don’t mind the goofy smile, I couldn’t help it. :)
le swooooon.

Oh and to add to the goodness, after my lunch I walked to the front of my office to walk back in and who was getting into his car with his friends? Yes. Ryan. Again. Two sightings in one day. Hark. Thank you celebrity gods, thank you.

*And yes for all you pet owners out there, Ryan did pick up the dog poop, just did it after we walked away, haha, such a good pet owner.

happy thursday!

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  • dmb5_libra

    I totally would not have played it as cool as you and your co-worker did.All is right with the world…katelin and ryan have finally met. HUZZAH!!!!! I’m so happy for you :)

  • notthelifeiordered

    Ahh! Thats awesome!! congrats! And like dmb5? I soooo would not have been as cool. I probably would have said my name wrong or something. :) Soooo exciting!

  • lspoon

    jealous, Jealous, JEALOUS! Ahh! That is so exciting. Though honestly, I’m obsessed with the McAdams and if I met Ryan Gosling I probably wouldn’t stop talking about her. Ahh! Did I mention my jealousy? :)

  • rialeilani

    so. jealous. but also happy for you! can i have your job?!

  • Bogart in P Towne

    Oh how happy are you?That is cool…But I do have one question…shorts to work? Really?Maybe if you worked at Discovery Zone or something… :-)

  • Bogart in P Towne

    Oh how happy are you?That is cool…But I do have one question…shorts to work? Really?Maybe if you worked at Discovery Zone or something… :-)

  • andrea

    That’s awesome! He always seemed like he was a nice guy, just from the vibe he gives off on the red carpet and stuff.

  • Anonymous Amy

    hey hey hey! that is pretty damn sweet; I would have been too shy and then regretted it forever. points to you for owning your moment!

  • Missy

    Happy Thursday indeed!Such a great story.

  • AndrĂ©a

    OMG!!! That is freaking awesome!!!! You should have posed like you were Rachel McAdems and jumped on him like the notebook. Well, maybe he wouldn’t have gone for that, but that would have be AWESOME!! Damn he is cute!

  • Julie Q

    is it weird that i feel like i just met him too after reading your post and seeing the pic!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for making my day

  • La Petite Chic

    Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, Katelin!!! I’m so happy you finally met him!! And I love that he has a mutt…so cute!!!

  • Grits

    Sooooo happy for you! That is awesome! Plus, it’s always nice to hear about celebrities that are nice in real life. I met Kristi Yammaguchi once and she was not even barely polite.

  • Jen

    Can I just tell you how happy I am for you (ok and a little jealous too). I think more than that I’m just really glad to hear that Ryan is a nice guy. It is hard to continue to have sexual fantasies about a jerk, so thanks for keeping the dream alive. Oh and I have a celebrity photo collection too. :)

  • Sandy

    Ahh I’m so happy for you that you FINALLY got to meet him. (And, you know, insanely jealous. He’s HOT)

  • Deutlich


  • jessica maria

    Well, that is pretty freakin’ awesome. He seems like a real life dreamboat :)

  • San

    Couldn’t you have wrapped him up and sent him over to me??OMG! OMG!I am so jealous, but also SO HAPPY for you!!!Ryan is awesome!

  • Jane

    Hahaha…. I was gonna ask about the dog poo. I’m glad you finally got to meet him. Great picture!!

  • Mermanda

    Praise the Lord! He got rid of that awful mustache.P.S. Totally jealous.

  • Amanda

    Horay! It’s like The Secret. You asked for what you wanted and then it happened!! Adorable picture (and dog)!

  • Daddy Dan

    Good for you!Am I the only one here that didn’t know who Ryan Gosling was? I guess I’m out of it. I went to imdb.com, so now I know! I do remember him from The Notebook.

  • thatShortChick

    woo-hoo! yay for you!

  • Laurie

    That is so much cooler than anything I’ve done in a long time:)I’m excited for you!

  • Larissa

    You win for most exciting celebrity encounter! And you have a great photo to show for it!!!

  • Sara Jane

    Eeeeeekkkkkk! I am totally excited for you! I feel like I just got that much closer to him! So jealous.

  • Abby

    I AM SO JEALOUS! Seriously!!!!!!!!!Le Sigh…..

  • Emily

    haha i’m so happy for you that you finally ran into him! i’ve definitely had some good sightings, but i’d never have the courage to make them pose with me!

  • Princess Extraordinaire

    Congratulations!! Cutie-cute photo!!

  • brookem

    oh my god katelin!!!! that’s just… so fucking awesome. he’s dead sexy and im super jealous.

  • Ashley

    I just love how he’s wearing really, really scuffed boots.THAT is down to earth, my friends. :)

  • well-intentioned heartbreaker

    AH I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!the picture is adorable. both of you look like little gems.i love.

  • Lexiloo

    you are the cooolest!

  • EmilyPie

    i’m so impressed with your casual way of introducing yourselves! how awesome. was your heart not beating a million beats per minute? Ps.. you look pretty cute in that picture too!

  • theycallmecurlysue

    Very smooth way of introducing yourselves–not all fanspaztic or anything :) Awesome! Congrats! I’m jealous. So, you never did say, he has to live in the area or something….

  • Maxie

    OMG it happened! YAYYYY

  • Jamie

    OMG his arm is around you!I was in petsmart paying when I got your text and I was like OMG! and the girls all looked at me. Then I made her wait before I would give her my money so I could text you back.Katelin and celebs come first!

  • rs27

    The people that are in his close circle call him “The Gos”I made that up.You should send that picture to US Weekley “stars are just like us” they pick up dog poop!Thanks for the shout out yesterday!

  • blondieblue227

    i tried to met him in DC when he was there.glad you did!great blogging too, i like how you told the story.i’m over at US of gosling forum if you’re ever over there……i think you are but can’t remember.

  • girlinterrupted1218

    So jealous! I love, love, love Ryan. Good pic. Lucky girl!

  • Bayjb

    I am so glad you were finally able to meet him! Now I need to come and hang out in your office so I can too :)You rock!

  • Allison M.

    too cool. You are my idol.

  • Hillary

    you are the coolest person I knowseriouslyis it weird that you meeting ryan brings me joy?

  • Allison

    I’m so happy for you that you finally got to see him. He is a cutie pie! Lucky girl!

  • Auburn Kat

    WOW! I should have played the lottery yesterday! Darn!That’s so exciting that you met him! His dog is adorable!

  • Playful Professional

    Okay that is absolutely ridiculous. I want to just walk outside and see Ryan Gosling. I was so in love with him after The Notebook. Amazing.

  • Alexa

    GET OUT! (a la elaine from seinfeld)when i saw this on your twitter i yelped with excitement for you. now i see the picture! omg.i’m so happy you got to meet him and how cool is he to take a pic with you!

  • Tia

    OMG i am SO EFFING EXCITED for you right now!!that would be literally the happiest day of my life.wedding day, schmedding day.(sorry Hubs.)

  • nicoleantoinette

    Lucky bitch :)

  • Lacey Bean

    I love that I'm the freakin 50th comment on this post haha. I <3 Ryan Gosling. Glad you finally got to meet him!

  • Dana

    let me just say CONGRATS girl.. I have been prayin you’d meet him and i am sooo happy you did.. I wish you a million more run-ins with him.. xoxox

  • Charistastic

    HOOOOORAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!! Congrats! I’m jealous! You’ll have to meet him again for me and make sure to tell him I LOVED him on MMC!! Ha! I guess it’s a good week for meeting yummy guys!! I’ve put up all the details of my amazing night w/ the New Kids on the Block!!!

  • sarah marie p

    Yay!! So happy for you! I love that you were wishing and wishing to meet Ryan and then you actually happened! Dreams do come true! So cool. And that picture of you two is very cute.

  • Nanette

    Chiming in late, but WHEEEEEE! That’s AWESOME!

  • Kate

    I just found your blog (through Amanda at I Could Be Oridinary) and I am SO jealous! What area was this? When I am back in LA winter break I need to hunt him down!

  • Princess Pointful

    Eeeek! So jealous! You are a superstar!

  • longredcape


  • Kat

    congrats on meeting him. I’ve casually chatted with a few folks at Starbucks and whatnot, but I’ve never complimented someone on their work (even when I met Sir Paul). I’d be too nervous – let alone ask for a picture. I’d die. And good for you for recognizing him. I’m SO bad at that sort of thing.

  • Douchegirl

    God I can’t believe it actually happened! I’m so happy for you. Can you believe I read EVERY.SINGLE.COMMENT on this post? I feel like I met him, too. He looks so cute in that pic. I would’ve been so starstruck, I’d probably pee myself. And would not be able to stop talking about Rachel.

  • *jimaie.marie*

    um, you are officially the luckiest girl on the planet. i am GREEN WITH ENVYYYYYY!! :DSO awesome!good god, he’s adorable.

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