From one cool blog to the next.

So I’ve been bad. Slap my wrists and send me to the back of the classroom. I’m awful.

And why am I so horrible you ask?

Well, I’ve gotten so many bloggy awards lately and haven’t passed a single one along! At all! Tisk tisk! So now this just gets to be a big ole post of awesomeness and blogs you should be reading because I heart them all. I don’t remember the rules for any of them so I’m just passing them on to the coolest of the cool, and here goes:

I was bestowed with this lovely award
from the fabulous kay*
and I’m passing the torch of kick assness along to these fine bloggers:
Oh How Lovely!
Every Day Adventures of me in the City
Sarah Said.
Le Petite Chic
Cleveland’s a Plum

the newly engaged but always awesome heidi
passed this one over to me

and I spread the love to these fine folks:
Daddy Dan
Shrinkering Hearts
Say It, Don’t Spray It
The Perks of Being a Jap
Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

apparently lacey bean, dana, bayjb, and blicious
all rock because they gave me this one

and I pass on all my knowledge of brillantness to these kids
Auburn Kat
A Little Bird Told Me
Tea and Crumpets
Half Desserted Streets

the always adorable tipp made me
feel smart with this one

and I’m passing this honor to the male bloggers out there,
we all know how distinguished they are
Your Beard is Good
Starting Over at 24
Surviving Myself
Bogart in P Towne
All Things Phil

newly wedded wife’s blog
always makes my day too

and 5 blogs that always make my day
A[tipp]ical Thoughts
Play More, Laugh More, Live More
…and hijinks ensued.
Random Ramblings of My Crazy Life
Charting a Course

and i got this pretty little award from dana

these blogs definitely make my day when I read them
DMB Does Not Stand For Dave Matthews Band
Newly Wedded Wife
It’s like I’m….mmmagic

I less than 3 your blog too tipp

I super heart all of these fabulous blogs
I Hate So Much
Speak on It
Well-Intentioned Heartbreaker
When Tara Met Blog

this precious award came from
the super cool rialeilani

I think the award says it all
Just Talk
…more than a blog
Everyone Loves a Boston Girl
Legally Heidi

this precious award just came from dana,
seriously she’s rocks

Sending the cutesy love to these fab bloggy ladies
Free and Flawed
More is Better
The JQ Lounge
A Martini Always Helps
The Larissa Monologues

Whew! That’s a whole lotta of links. Seriously I heart all of these blogs and you should check them all out…and as if that wasn’t enough, check out all the blogs on the ‘roll because they rock too. Is there anyone I’m missing? Want to be added? Just let me know and I’ll fix it stat! :)

Anyhoo, that’s all I got today kiddos, just bloggy goodness. So go…enjoy….and read away! Woo!

happy wednesday!