Holly to the wood news.

Oh Hollywood have you got some good stuff for me today….

  • Violet oh Violet my most favorite celebrity tot visited her newly bearded and long haired pop on the set of his new movie, Extract, and looked mighty cute doing it. I’m just surprised she didn’t scream “stranger!” or something by the way Ben looks, I mean it’s slightly scary, haha:
  • In other bebe news (because really can I talk about just one bebe?) Is little Pete Schreiber not the cutest little thing? Seriously he is precious. I hope baby numero dos is just as precious:

  • Today’s music news comes courtesy of the one and only Britney Spears who has announced that her newest CD will be hitting stores on her birthday, December 2nd. Now if you recall last year when Brit was in her crazy phase and I stopped talking about her, however Brit Brit has proven herself recently and I am happy to report on the non-crazy news. And hopefully her new CD will have some great hits that will actually be worthy of winning moon men as opposed to random crap no one has heard….just sayin :)
  • Speaking of music did you hear that the one show that still plays music on MTV, TRL, is being cut after 10 years on TV? I didn’t even realize it was still popular so I guess it makes sense that it’s ending. But hey at least I can say I was in the audience once when Mr. Mariah Carey (aka Nick Cannon) hosted and it was pretty sweet. So long TRL…MTV may have to change it’s name now since it will no longer play videos at all, so sad.
  • And in movie news, I was perusing the Apple Trailer website (aka one of my favorite sites ever) and came across some gems that are hitting the big screen soon. One of the most promising movies coming out soon is The Lucky Ones, featuring Rachel McAdams, Tim Robbins and Michael Pena. It’s about three army vets who unexpectedly ride across America together in one hell of a trip. Now I know that isn’t much of a description so just watch the trailer and decide for yourself.

    Now for the not so promising but oh so entertaining movie that I may just have to watch even though I can guarantee it’s horribleness….Fast and Furious. Oh yes you read that right, numero four in the Fast and Furious series but it’s bringing back all of the originals, Paul Walker (yum), Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster (aka all people who haven’t really had a hit movie since the first one, haha). I can’t really tell what the movie is about but who cares? It’s got cars for Matt to enjoy and Paul Walker for me to oggle, haha.

  • Aaaaand moving on to more important things….the Hills. alsfjklfjkldjd Spencer. Could he be a bigger dbag? I mean really, how is Heidi not at all embarrassed? And Holly? Oh Holly…you make Stephanie look like Merryl Streep, you are a horrible actress, seriously. And Audrina it’s time to get over Justin Bobby….for reals….he may look better with his short hair but still he’s just not cool. Lo…stop looking so dang awkward every time you go out okay? You used to be cool and you really need to embrace that coolness again. And Lauren and Heidi stop acting like you miss each other and then go on to diss each other to various magazines and radio stations and taking overly staged pictures every where you go to display your fakery (cough cough Heidi cough Spencer cough…ooooooh I’m gagging).
  • Today’s WTF story is actually kind of funny. Someone randomly left a couch on the sidewalk (which is apparently some sort of epidemic in LA) in North Hollywood over the weekend. However, the couch acted as a cushion (literally) for a car that got into an accident….here I can’t explain just check out the picture and read the story here:

    Talk about a lucky break, haha.

And that’s all I got today folks.

happy tuesday!