Weekend oh weekend.

Oh man so usually I have my weekend updates posted Sunday night or ready to go Monday morning but alas as you can tell this bad boy isn’t going up until now, oh well. The weekend tired me out and I was in bed by 10 last night, oh yes I am a rebel, haha. So le weekend? Care to hear about it? Okay why not, here goes:

Friday: Workity work work. Fun times. After a day of work, came home and had dinner with Matt (so tasty) and hung out for a bit. Later headed on over to Old Town and went to Barney’s Beanery (one of my fave spots) to meet up with my Little who was in town for the OSU game.

I seriously heart this girl. So yeah that was fun hangin at Barney’s for the night with Lindsay, her bf, and Matt. Afterwards Matt and I just headed home, relaxed, watched some good ole tele and called it a night.

Saturday: I felt like the most productive person on the planet Saturday morning. Within two hours I went to the post office, the library, the gym, the bank and the grocery store. And in the last hour I rewarded myself with some good time shopping in Old Town at Victoria’s Secret (where I ran into my 5th grade teacher….now if that isn’t awkward I don’t know what is), H&M and Urban Outfitters. So by the time I got home I had plenty of bags of awesomeness and was definitely ready to settle down with some football.

Eventually AJ came up and me, Matt and him all went to Matt’s dad’s house to watch the game of the day…USC against OSU. Now I’m not one to brag but I got plenty of texts and messages from my Ohio friends and all I had to say to the embarassment of a game was Fight On! Simple and to the point, haha. After the game we (me, Matt, AJ, my sister and her bf) all headed back to our apartment for some drinkin and some Apples to Apples, we are awesome:

aw the bfs
(aka my bf and my sister’s bf, not bfs to each other, haha)

my sister is too cool for school

HRC and GWB, haha
we’re so political

India, Disneyland, My Love Life,

I was totally winning

I think we’d had a bit to drink by then, haha

I’m impressed Matt would even touch the SC shirt, haha
but I still love him

Matt and AJ showing some love, haha

the guys reenacting the Jack in the Box commercial,
oh boy

Oh man what a great night…even if I didn’t win Apples to Apples, haha.

Sunday: More football watching and apartment cleaning and all around laziness on my part, which is just how a Sunday should be spent. Late in the afternoon I did a 6 mile walk with my mom, aunt and uncle to prep ourselves for the half marathon we’re walking in two months and man was it a workout. I wasn’t too tired when we were done but about an hour later when I was home I was definitely ready for bed, hence the early bedtime, haha.

All in all twas a lovely weekend and I’m sad it’s already over, but hey only 5 more days until the next one right? :)

Oh and check out my interview over at Daddy Dan’s, I’m so random it’s ridiculous sometimes, haha.

happy monday!