I should be on MTV.

by katelin on September 10, 2008

So I feel like I have been hosting the longest episode of Cribs ever, haha. But the apartment is still not 100% done hence why all the mini posts and hey I need to leave you lingering right? So today’s apartment tour guide picture takes place where all the magic happens….the bedroom…oooh la la, haha.

that circle is my attempt at using paint,
and that’s where
shelves are going to put more
of the fabulous picture frames we have

the TV may be leaving soon, we’ll see
but I do love the dresser

So there you have it folks, the bedroom. I was almost going to take a picture of the closet but then I thought that might be just a wee bit weird. It’s a biggish closet that has our clothes and you can definitely tell which side is Matt’s and which is mine, obviously, haha.

Next up on this uber long episode of Cribs will most likely be the living room…oh yeah because that’s the only room left, haha. So tune in sometime this week or maybe next week once we get the pictures up and it looks all prettified, woot.

In other grown up news, Matt and I are now the proud owners of a vacuum…… Woo. Man after reading that sentence I totally want to erase it because of it’s lameness, but you know what I’m leaving it, I’m excited for a vacuum (I bet my mom never expected me to say that one, haha). It was my mom’s gift to Matt and I and it will definitely be used this weekend. Our brown carpets need some cleaning, stat.

In other non-lame news I have been listening to NKOTB nonstop in my car and at the gym (okay maybe it is lame, but not to me, haha). And I really wish I could show you these pictures my mom gave me from my uber fan days of awesomeness that seriously just make me giggle at my NKOTB obsession, but alas I have no scanner. You just have to picture in your brain little ole me with a birthday cake that says “New Kids on the Block wish Katelin a Happy Birthday!” and another one of me with the biggest grin ever holding a NKOTB poster on Christmas Eve, seriously it’s awesome.

Anyhoodles it’s time to get the day going, woo.

Hope you all have a most fabulous day!

happy wednesday!

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