Hollywood is so fierce.

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means right? It’s the day after Monday! Haha, I kid, I kid. It’s the day I give you all the scoop of what’s happenin in good ole Hollywoodland, so let’s get to it:

  • So a little thing called the VMAs happened on Sunday in case you missed it. Oh wait, I did miss it. I watched the opening solely to see Brit Brit and then proceeded to watch “Hole in the Wall” with Matt. Speaking of which “Hole in the Wall” is hilarious and I totally talked about it a year ago, yeah I’m so ahead of the times, haha. Anyhoo VMAs Brit looked awesome. Seriously the girl rocked it and I sort of secretly love her dress too.

    Now for her winning three moonmen….yeah I don’t know about that…seems a weeee bit rigged to me MTV…hmmmm. And what was with the venue? There was like no one there. Oh well. But if you want a full “recap” of the show Best Week Ever covers it best.

  • And what would a Hollywood post be if I didn’t feature some bebes?

    my faaaaave celeb family

    talk about one good lookin family

    is Harlow not the freaking cutest? presh!

    paging McCutie, McCutie! :)

  • Oh man Hollywood seriously has some cute lil bebes. I lurve it. In other news I love…er love to hate to love…the Hills. In the Sunday episode I was so incredibly close to throwing a shoe at the TV whenever Spencer came on. I mean really, how rude can one person be? I actually did give props to Heidi though when she called out Spencer on his job…er lack there of…I mean really, what does he do???? Anyone? Anyone? *crickets*

    As for the Audrina/Lauren/Lo debacle of a feud I’m so over it. Really girls can’t we all just get along? And um, can I be friends with Doug? Even if he is about as exciting as sandpaper the dude has a plane?!! That is pretty freaking pimp. And their hotel rooms, I mean really I need to roll with these kids, haha.

  • In other TV news I know it was on last Wednesday but Top Model is back! Holla! And this season actually looks promising. The tranny, Isis, is actually really good (at least I was impressed), Clark is the ultimate bitch (I mean she almost made Jade look normal), Brittany is reppin for the Native Americans out there (and she’s good) and by far my fave of the bunch is Sheena, the most ghetto amazing Korean girl eva. Seriously, I want to be her friend, haha. And Ty Ty and company are back with the crazy and I freaking love it. For better recaps of the show check out Jamie and Dlisted, they’re superb.

  • Today’s most ridiculous WTF news that isn’t really Hollywood but I feel like it’ll get put into some SNL skit or something soon. Apparently some dumbass in Fresno decided to try and rob two men by beating them with sausage and rubbing spices on them before taking $900. Did you read that? He beat them with sausage, actual sausage. He’s now being held on $100,000 bail. Wow. Just wow.
  • And in Hollywood news that actually means something… Stand up to Cancer. I didn’t actually get to watch it on Friday but Tara got to go and gives a great recap of all the celebs she met and how her hard work on the cause paid off. Trent at Pink is the New Blog also gives a great recap here. Additionally my friend sent me this video from the event and man does it have some great star power behind a great song for a great cause.
    I heart Mandy

    and NPH

and that’s all I got today folks. Hollywood’s one fabuuuuulous place sometimes….

happy tuesday!