It’s all coming together.

Last night was a big night folks. Big night I say. Matt and I finally went grocery shopping. Wahoo! No more eating hodge podge random crap but instead healthy sandwiches and salads and hot pockets and cereal goodness, oh yes, I am excited.

I feel like it took forever but man was it worth it. We got so much stuff and the bill definitely hurt our wallets (err Matt’s but technically ours eventually) but like I said, totally worth it. And on top of it all we (by we I mean Matt and his handymanness) finally put our clock and some pictures up on the wall in the kitchen. Weeeeee! Yay for non bare walls, it makes the place feel oh so homey.

Wait,what’s that? You want to see pictures? Oh, okay if you insist I can finally show you some. :)

didn’t you totally want to see all our grocery bags?

Matt is so handy, hanging up our wine rack

the stove and our (mainly Matt’s) plethora of spices
oh and note that drinking monkey poster, yeah I’ve had him
since freshmen year of college, love it

aaaaaaaaaaaaa….the gates of bountiful food open
(man it looks so much better than this, haha)

and even made it into our pantry, holla

I love our little kitchen
actually I would love it more if it wasn’t all white
but hey, it still works

our cute little dining area and new pictures, heart

And that my friends is our kitchen and it’s nook and I love it. I’ll love it more once we finish cleaning it all up and hanging stuff but hey it’s home and that makes me happy. Hopefully this weekend we’ll get the rest of the pictures and stuff up this weekend and you can get the full tour, woo.

Anyhooodle, I know you’ve all been dying to know who won the NKOTB contest….so drumroll please……

And the winner of the best CD of 2008 * is…….Alexa from Cleveland’s a Plum!

Congrats Alexa, you are the proud new owner of some kick ass music, love it. Just toss me an email and I’ll get it over to you. And thanks to everyone for participating, glad to know there are so many other New Kids fans out there, woo.

Okay well that’s all I got this fine Friday kids, hope you have a fantabulous weekend!

happy friiiiiiiiiiiday!

*yes I am completely biased :)