Autumn is awesome (most of the time).

I love Autumn. I mean it. I really do. It’s always a gorgeous season, leaves changing, cooler weather, football season, I mean what can be bad about that? Well as much as I love Autumn there are a fair amount of things I could go without…for example:

  • It gets dark earlier. I hate it. Leaving work when it’s pitch black outside is the biggest downer ever. It is seriously a slap in the face, it’s like the world is laughing at you saying “Ha! You spent your whole day at work and now it’s over, suckkkkkka!”
  • All the bad drivers come back when it’s darker out. I swear, it’s insane. I have to yell at way more idiots than usual, telling big trucks not to hit my cute little car and it takes me twice as long to get to and from work in the Fall/Winter simply because people become idiots when the sun goes down.
  • And not only are the drivers bad but it’s like they multiply overnight! I have no idea where they come from? People going back to school? Jobs resume in September? I don’t have a clue. But it’s like everyone and their mother and their mother’s mother decide to get on the same freeways as me every dang day and I do not like it.
  • Allergies. Gah. As you’ve probably noticed from my tweets lately my nose has decided to retaliate. Day one of no more Summer and it decides that sneezing should be my new hobby. As if I don’t have enough to worry about these days with work and my new apartment my nose is effing everything up by making me sneeze at least twenty times a day! Is that even necessary? It’s a good thing my job has plenty of tissue available because otherwise I’d be screwed.

Well as much as I hate when it gets dark and bad drivers and my ridiculous allergies I also love Autumn. I think it may be my favorite season of them all (crazy I know). But there are really so many things to love about it too…

  • Leaves. Seriously who doesn’t love seeing changing leaves and leaves falling? It’s just so pretty. Granted it doesn’t usually happen as much here in good ole So Cal, but luckily I’ve been able to visit the east coast or mid-west every October the past couple years (and this year is no different) to visit friends and admire the Autumn awesomeness. Love:

  • Now I don’t really care so much about pro football and what have you, but college football? Yeah that’s a whole other ball game (literally, haha). I love college football so much better than pro and it’s just so fun to watch, especially USC football. They’re my team! Go Trojans!
  • Halloween. It should come as no surprise that I love Halloween. Heck I love all things costume related, I think it’s so fun! And this year Halloween is on a Friday!?! That’s a true sign of awesomeness. Oh the potential for Matt and I’s first trick-or-treaters or even a costume party!? Ah! I can’t wait! :)
  • Fall television. Clearly I am a TV addict. This should come as no surprise, especially after this post, haha. So the fact that it is Autumn means that all of my favorite shows are coming back and I’m so excited. Granted I’ll be more excited once I actually get cable and a DVR (woooo hoooo that’s happening today! finally!).

And what do you love or hate about Fall/Autumn/whatever you call this coming season?

happy thursday!