The Right Stuff.

Today I would usually reserve for my weekend recap, but since the weekend is still going because of the long holiday, no recap today folks. Come back tomorrow for all the recapping goodness of my weekend, woo.

But I do have something just as cool for today, maaaaybe even cooler…..a givewaway!

Now to my male readers I don’t know if you’ll want to enter or if you do you can give it to your girlfriends or sisters or just keep it for yourself to jam away too (I swear I won’t tell, haha).

And what is this coveted prize you ask…..?

Drum roll please……

The New Kids on the Block’s new CD “The Block”! Woo!

As you all should know by now I grew up loving the New Kids and even had the good fortune to meet Jordan in the airport back in March (full story here, prepare for lots of gibberish excitement) and still can’t get over it.

So with their new CD coming out manana I thought it would be oh so appropriate to share the goodness and awesomeness of their newest studio wonderpiece. Seriously, if you haven’t heard “Click, Click” or “Summertime” yet I recommend you get on it oooor just win the CD here, because they’re fabulous and I heart them.

And what do you have to do to win such a glorious prize?
Simply tell me your fave NKOTB song. That’s it.

I will randomly pick a winner this Friday, so get going and enter! Woo!

And hope you all have a fabulous Labor free Labor Day :)

happy monday!