So usually today would be Hollywood recap but obviously since I was gone yesterday the recap just has to wait. And did you know The Hills is back? Oh. Man. So yeah all that good stuff coming at ya manana. In the meantime, I know you’re all just so anxious to hear how my Swiss adventures went and I’m not one to hold back and there are plenty of pictures to go around. But first, gratzi to Mr. rS27 for taking over yesterday I was laughing the whole time and really who doesn’t love Cool Runnings?

Anyhoodles. So I go up to Northern California every year for a big Swiss Picnic with my huge extended family for a grand ole time. This year I brought Matt up to meet the gang and man was it a great time. Here I have some pictures (of course) so check, check, check it out:

Matt was such a fabulous driver

my sister and cousin enjoyed their spots in the back

all the boys around the bonfire

seriously the kids just keep gettin cuter

the cousins that drink together, stay together, haha

brotherly looove

right back at ya Kourt

I just loooooove this bebe, he’s so precious!

so attractive I know

candid shot by the sis, I love it

my family is full of great thinkers

and chicken dancers

I’m pretty stellar if I do say so myself

we’ve got some weird ones in the fam, haha

I’m all about the flower power

ta da! the family’s even bigger than last time.
I believe there were 65 of us this year, woo!

And that my friends, is a weekend with my ginormous family. If you couldn’t tell from the pictures, it was a great time.
Some key moments to note:
– Apparently birds on the road want to commit suicide. We had at least five birds dive bomb in front of our car on the road. Luckily Matt never hit any of them but man did they come close.
– We saw a car that had a bobble hand in the back window of their car. It was so weird. We also saw a guy shaving as he drove, very impressive.
– I am and will never be 21 again. My liver reminded me of this fact after I passed out at 11 on Saturday after too much wine. Tisk tisk.
– It also reminded me to watch where I walk when it’s dark and I’ve been drinking. I definitely fell off some stairs, good job Katelin.
– I can’t get enough of cute babies. No really there are so many cute kids in my family it just makes my heart say oooh and awwwww. I love it.
– My stomach has no limits on a weekend with the big fam. I ate more than I knew I could and man was it good and totally worth it. I’ll go to the gym tomorrow, haha.
– There are some big people in my family, all of whom asked if Matt was a good guy and if he wasn’t they’d change it, haha. Needless to say there was no questioning and the fam loved him.

Other than that it was just the weekend I hoped for, family time and lots of fun, woo!

and how was your weekend?

happy tuesday!