Moving jitters.

So as excited that I am that Matt and I are moving I’m also slightly nervous. We’re moving in in less than two weeks! And I have done ZERO packing (okay maybe not zero, but it feels like zero since I am a pack rat and have waaaay too much stuff to my name). And on top of that, my decorating skills have yet to be used anywhere besides my plain white walls in the bedroom I’ve shared with my sister since middle school and various college dorm rooms.

So basically what I’m saying is that I don’t want our place to look like I’m still in college but rather that I live with a boy without it looking too girly, haha. On top of it all, we have accumulated so much free furniture and random stuff in the past few months from friends (that I am completely grateful for) that I just don’t know how it’s all going to work/look together. I want it to look nice but not completely hippie mismatch central and I just don’t know what to do.

And even more lingering on my mind is that I will only be in my house ten more days. I’ve been in that house for twelve years and I have ten days left!! Now if that isn’t crazy I don’t know what is?! Is it the Peter Pan in me having a panic attack? Or is the grown up in me trying to come out to show me what I’m getting myself into? I’m not quite sure really. Granted I really am only moving five minutes away from my parents house, but still. I feel like I am finally taking that big step towards grownuphood.

Well I know I’ve asked you for tips before and you guys gave me some excellent advice, but is there anything else I should be doing in these ten days to prep for the grown up life? Any decorating advice? If you’re living with a boy how do you make it cute but not too girly? Help please :)

But despite as much as I freak out and whine and fret I have a feeling that’s it’s all going to work out just fine. Fingers crossed. Woo.

happy wednesday!