TV, gossip and baby talk… it’s all I’m good for.

Seriously Hollywood, slow down! I can’t keep up. But I’ll do my best to share the good word…

  • Getting to the sad news first. If you didn’t hear Christina Applegate (of Married with Children, Anchorman and more recently Samantha Who? fame) was diagnosed with an early stage of breast cancer. Luckily it was caught early enough and she is said to be able to recover just fine. Also in sad news, Morgan Freeman was in a serious car accident over the weekend and was initially noted in serious condition. Luckily today’s reports say that he is doing fine after some intensive surgery on his arm and hand. Fast recovery to you both!
  • In not so sad but more just effing weird news, Nikki Bilonksy (of Hairspray fame) and Bianca Golden (from America’s Next Top Model), along with some of their family members were arrested in the Turks and Caicos airport after a serious altercation over seating and luggage. Ummmm. Wow. This story had me both laughing and saying “Are we being punked?” “Is Jerry Springer behind this?” Seriously the story makes no sense, but it is hilarious.
  • Speaking of Ty Ty the new promo pic for the new cycle of Top Model was released yesterday and apparently we’re going hippie.

    interesting, very interesting….

  • And in totally normal news, the three week old twins of Brad and Angelina graced the cover of People (and Hello) this week, because you know they don’t look like regular ole babies or anything like that. Granted I will admit that the picture of Shiloh with Vivienne is pretty dang sweet:

  • In other babyish news, Gwen Stefani looks like she’s about to give birth any day now meaning the cutest family of rock will get all that much cuter, presh:

  • Okay no more baby talk, I can only hande so much….scratch that, I bet you can only handle so much, haha. And this is not a baby blog…so I move on….to hot guys, haha. Eric Dane and Patrick Dempsey are back on set at Seattle Grace and seeing this pictures just makes me all that more excited for Grey’s to come back (woo!) and seriously aren’t they just so studly? haha.

  • Speaking of returning television….the Hills is coming back in two short weeks, can you handle it? The drama? All the Hollywood hot spots? All the nonsensical dialogue? All the unnecessary siblings that come to town? The return of the dumbest blondes on television? Yeah I think I’m ready.

  • So remember yesterday when I was talking about karaoke and I said that I’d rather do it after some drinks, well apparently I’m not alone there. Kiera Knightly admitted that she was drunk when she auditioned for the leading role in My Fair Lady, haha. And she got it! Now I wonder if she’ll be drunk on set all the time? Hmmmmm.

And that’s all we got today kids…should we take bets on who’ll get in a car accident or knocked up by next week? I feel like it’s one or the other these days, haha. Crazy pants people, crazy pants!

happy tuesday!