Good sister, bad sister.

So have I mentioned that I’m the oldest of four kids? Yeah. It’s true. And I take my role quite seriously. Seriously, I help with homework, give dating “advice”, have clothing swaps, become a second mom and so on. It’s quite tiring from time to time. But you know what?… it’s also funny as hell. I’ve come to realize lately the effect I’ve had on my siblings and I’d like to share, so here goes:

Good sister: When we watch TV, I sometimes let my brothers pick what we watch.
Bad sister: Last night they picked John and Kate Plus 8 and Supernanny…oh the girliness I’ve shown them.

Good sister: I make my bed every morning (have to make a good example).
Bad sister: I sleep on top of my comforter…yeah not such a good example.

Good sister: I go to my brother’s basketball games to cheer him on.
Bad sister: I get more into the game than he does, yeah I cheer/scream a lot, haha.

Good sister: When the boys were little my sister and I loved playing with them.
Bad sister: And by playing we meant dressing them up like girls and painting their nails, whoops.

Good sister: I try to be a little mature every once and a while to set a good example.
Bad sister: And other times I’m just not :)

Good sister: I listen when my sister has boy problems.
Bad sister: I usually make jokes or don’t take her seriously (I’m working on it, I swear!).

Good sister: I like to play board games with the boys from time to time.
Bad sister: Annnnd sometimes I cheat (but shhhh don’t tell!)

Good sister: I helped my brothers learn to talk when they were younger.
Bad sister: If you ask the youngest one why he’s so cute, he’ll say “Because I look like Katelin”…oooooh you love it :)

Good sister: Even if they drive me crazy (which is often these days) I still love my siblings no matter what and hope they’ll always look up to me.

happy thursday!