So last night was lovely. Went over to Matt’s dad’s house, had some pizza, some wine and sat back to watch some brainless television….ahhh the life. No really I’m not kidding, I needed a night just like that to calm my life down a bit. And damn was it funny.

After watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune (gotta get the brain working a bit right?) the new show Wipeout came on. Has anyone seen this show? I was sort of intrigued when I saw the previews a while back but had yet to watch, until last night. And wow. Talk about hilarious. Well hilarious if you find people getting the crap beat of them by giant balls funny….and I do.

I can’t find a clip from last night’s show, but there was one guy who’s legs basically did the vertical splits over the giant balls, I cringed…and then laughed out loud. Seriously the show is ridiculous. Check it out.

We also watched some of I Survived a Japaneese Game Show! and wow yet again. Granted it sort of reminded me of Road Rules a bit with people that are just as annoying and not nearly as funny as Wipeout.

So yes, point is. If you get a chance and don’t mind physical humor I think you’ll get a kick out of Wipeout, so check.it.out. Woo.

happy wednesday!