It’s all about Batman.

Well not allll about Batman, but of course I have to post some Dark Knight ish since it comes out in 3 days!!!! Squeeeeeeeee. (Even though I’m not seeing it until Sunday because of BlogHer but man it will be worth it since Matt and I are seeing it here, woot). Anyhoo, here’s the scoop…

  • Christian Bale was on the Today Show yesterday promoting the movie and talking about Heath and seriously I just want to hug him. He just seems so nice and sincere and quiet and ah, love.

    And then on top of it, last night was the Dark Knight premiere in NYC, color me jealous. The premiere definitely brought out some interesting folks (Lauren Conrad, Karina Smirnoff, Danny Devito?? Ummm okay) as well as the actual stars of the film:

    seriously cannot wait for this movie, eeeeee.

  • In other news in no way related to the Dark Knight…..Two of my favorite Thursday night TV shows could have some major changes soon (and not for the best, gah). Apparently William Peterson aka Gil Grissom aka the Man of CSI: is leaving the show mid-season. But not for good? The article says he’ll come back whenever CBS needs him (so luckily they won’t be killing him) and he’ll still be executive producing so I guess it’s not too too bad. And in Grey’s news, apparently Katherine Heigl may be getting the boot? And one serious boot, Izzy may be killed off…wow. I knew Katherine was considering leaving the show to pursue movies more, but come on…don’t leave, please?
  • In musical wedding news, Taboo from Black Eyed Peas got married this weekend. Now why would I mention this? I don’t really care about him of BEP all that much to really share that. But um, they got married in Pasadena! Holla hometown! :) And the church they got married at, yeah I totally know where it is. Always nice to hear of celebs having low keyish weddings.
  • In other randomness… Josh Hartnett, remember him? Of course you do, who am I kidding? But do you remember him with flowy longish brownish blondish lightish hair and facial hair? Cause I sure don’t.

    I remember him like this:

    Yeah I like the old Josh better.

  • In comedic and this-would-so-happen-to-me news, Miss USA took a tumble (again!) at this year’s Miss Universe pageant. I mean two years in a row? That has to be a record or something. Or maybe she was dared to trip? Who knows, but it’s still pretty funny.
  • And what’s a Hollywood post without some cute babies? Salma Hayek took little Valentina out for a stroll yesterday and seriously, what a cutie?!

  • And ummmm of course I have to share the latest Garner-Affleck family photos because seriously, they make me swoon. And there are rumors swirling that Jen may be pregnant with baby #2?! But I’m not celebrating anything yet until a statement has been shared by Jen herself. But anyhoo, how cute are they?! Love.

Well that’s all I got today. Luckily nothing too wild and crazy in Hollywood unless I missed something, let me know if I did.

And in news that will be considered Hollywood when I get famous…today’s my mom’s birthday! Woot woot, happiest of happy birthdays mom. Hope the boys (aka my annoying younger brothers) give you a day off :)

happy tuesday!