I rave and I rant.

So I have already written and deleted about five entries for today, I am that decisive. And with all that writing and deleting I have decided to combine all my entries into one big freaking rant and rave. So here I go:

Rave: I saw Wall-E last night and loved it. Seriously, can I have a Wall-E? He was so freakin adorable (even if he does look like Johnny 5).
Rant: It seriously perturbed me that they used both actual humans and animated humans. Don’t ask me why but I think they should have just stuck to the animated guys, I mean it is an animated film.

Rave: I went to this new restaurant near my job yesterday called Home and it was delicious, I mean seriously delcious.
Rant: I need to remember to never order a club sandwich again. They are HUGE. And I have no self control, haha. I was seriously full all night and didn’t even have to have dinner. And really eating that much does not help my weight loss efforts.

Rave: I started reading “One for the Money” by Janet Evanovich by recommendation of my mom and I actually really like (but don’t tell her, haha).
Rant: I only started reading it because I couldn’t get into “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” Maybe I’ll try it again another day, but for “One for the Money” it is.

Rave: I have so many fun things coming up every weekend from now until the end of August.
Rant: I’m busy from now until the end of August and it’s just mildly overwhelming.

Rave: I am sort of in love with Kellie Pickler’s “Red High Heels.” Hell I’m in love with all things country right now, that’s what summertime does, country and O.A.R. it can’t be helped.
Rant: There are seriously no country radio stations in Los Angeles, WTF people?

Rave: I freaking love this picture of Matt and I from the wedding this weekend:

Rant: I do not remember taking it at all, haha.

Rave: Maybe I’m just on a Christian Bale kick that watching Batman Begins and reading articles cannot contain, but I’ve been listening to the Newsies soundtrack nonstop at work and my god I forgot how amazing it is.
Rant: It’s mildly embarrassing to listen to musicals while I’m at work, haha.

Rave: The Dodgers are finally kicking ass and are only a game behind first in the NL West.
Rant: The All-Star break is coming up and it’s going to be make or break for them per usual, I’m rooting for making it. Come on Blue!

Rave: Today is a new day :)

and what are your raves and rants of the day?

happy wednesday!