This weekend brought to you by movies, wedding bliss and an open bar.

What. a. weekend. Seriously combining a national holiday with a wedding and friends in town definitely makes for one memorable and exhausting weekend. And yes I have pictures to go with it, woo! How could I not? Okay well here goes, bear with me….

Thursday: Got the glorious news that work was done at 3 (Hark!). So at 3 I headed on home where I proceeded to pay bills (ew), watch 27 Dresses with my sister and have dinner with the fam. After dinner I headed over to Matt’s house where we watched a movie and I had waaay too much wine. It was awesome.

Friday: Happy 4th of July! Matt and I started off the day in true Summer fashion, had breakfast, watched TV and hit the pool. Man, I love swimming. Seriously, wonderous. After hanging out we made it over to my house for the 4th of July extravaganza block party. It started off slowly but picked up over the afternoon. Lots of family, lots of friends and neighbors and sooo much food.

we so crazy

patriotic jell-o, my favorite

so many cute kids

Matt and I are so patriotic

Basically it was one fantastical day. I think I ate all day long, it was sort of ridiculous. And after the big party at my house Matt and I headed to a friend’s house to watch fireworks and get eaten by mosquitoes, seriously I have proof, haha. All in all, a great 4th.

Saturday: I love Saturdays. Especially this Saturday, because it felt like a Sunday, but it was really Saturday…don’t you just love when that happens? Me too. Okay, moving on. Basically another glorious day in the neighborhood and Matt and I hung out most of the day, went swimming again, relaxed. And eventually realized we had time to kill and could go to the movies before the wedding. So off we went and we saw Get Smart. Loved it. Definitely a fun family movie which was refreshing. And seriously, how can you not love Steve Carell? The man is hilarious.

After the movie it was wedding time! Another friend of mine from high school was getting hitched, woo! Luckily this wedding was uber close (like 4 minutes away from Matt’s house) so that was nice. And it was definitely interesting to be at the wedding and not be in it, so much less hustle and bustle. I kind of liked it. But don’t get me wrong I had a ton if fun being in Lucie’s wedding, but just being a spectator is nice to. Okay moving on, picture time, holla:

Matt and I before heading over to the wedding

Janet and Lucas at the altar

We rock the fun dresses

Kat and her sister Jess, cuuuute

their 1st dance as a married couple :)

high school reunion!

kisses for Matt ;)

Matt and I with the lovely newlyweds

before taking this i said
“Gabi I’m putting this on my blog! You’ll be famous”

yes that was after lots of wine :)

Matt and I on the dance floor

the Rebbecca’s gettin down

All in all one great wedding. I drank waaaaay too much wine (and paid for it Sunday), had waaaay too much Mexican food (freaking delicious), cried at the MOH’s speech, twirled my dress, and danced the night away with Matt and the most wonderous of friends. Basically, amazing.

Sunday: Well I got my ass handed to me yesterday from the wedding. Matt couldn’t help by laugh as I helplessly moved around all morning scorning my inability to say no to wine at an open bar. Eventually we got moving and I slowly made it around as we met some friends for lunch at the Yard House and moseyed around Paseo until we saw Wanted (another good movie, but trippy as hell. Good special effects, weird plot but yeah I liked it). After the movie I headed on home, had dinner with the fam, relaxed a bit by watching Batman Begins (I’m getting ready for next weekend, eeeeee) and playing the Sims 2 (I seriously love it). And eventually I went to bed and had a most glorious of sleeps, amazing.

So that my friends was my weekend. Tired yet? Haha. And how was yours? How was your 4th? Lovely I hope.

Anyhoo, time to get crackin on the work day, woot.

happy monday!