Hey Girl!

So I started writing this post yesterday and it was all about weddings since that is where I am off to this weekend, to be in my good friend’s wedding in Philly… but alas more important matters need to start off this post…


I love them!

I saw them last Summer in concert and they were amazing and last night was no exception. I got tickets very last minute and went with my sister to the House of Blues to see these schnazzy guys perform and they did not disappoint. Seriously I think they are better live than they are on their studio albums and that is saying a lot right there. Basically they played all of my favorite songs “Hey Girl” “Love and Memories” “Crazy Game of Poker” and some of their new stuff (which I had listened to on repeat from their Myspace page yesterday and was able to sing along, yes I am that girl). So yeah, just know that they rock and you should definitely see them in concert if you ever get a chance…aaaaaaaaaamazing :)

Now moving on. Weddings. They are everywhere. And I mean everywhere. The Today Show, the WE channel (hello Bridezillas and Platinum Wedding). Around the blogosphere. And on top of that I have been invited to three weddings this year as compared to last year when I went to none. Crazy pants I say. And even more crazy, I’m actually in one this year. One of my best friends from high school is getting married in Philly and I’m in her wedding and I am all sorts of happy and feel like all sorts of grown up, haha…

But that doesn’t mean we’ll act grown up, haha
(The one in the middle is the bride to be)

And the happy married couple to be :)

Basically after months of booking flights, hotel rooms, a rental car and buying my dress and Matt’s suit, I’m ready to get sappy (yeah I teared up watching the Today Show wedding, I can almost guarantee I’ll get teary this weekend) and have a kick ass time. And on top of it all I’ll be with Matt and some of my bestest friends, weddings really are a great way to bring people together.

So I hope you all have a most fabulous rest of the week and check back in tomorrow and Friday for some lovely guest bloggers, woo!

happy wednesday!