Battle of the theme songs.

A couple of nights ago Matt and I were watching Voltron, yes that Voltron. Basically the cartoon version of Power Rangers (I’m convinced Power Rangers creators stole the idea from that show, but whatever, moving on). Well when the show was over we started debating theme songs and show openings. I think the Voltron theme song is so-so whereas Matt thinks it’s AWESOME. So now I bring the debate to the masses, what do you all think?

Voltron’s theme song:

I personally loooooove the Jem theme song:

And who could forget Duck Tales:

And was I the only person who watched James Bond Jr.?

And who can deny the awesomeness of Ninja Turtles:

No one, that’s who.

So really, is Voltron the best one evah? Or does Jem just beat them all? What do you think???

hope you have a fabulous weekend!

happy friday!