What’s in your trunk?

So remember way back when and everyone was showing the contents of their purses? Yeah I missed out on that one. Don’t ask me why I didn’t do it, because I do have some fun stuff hidden in my purse, but alas it’s too late. Instead I thought I’d show you the contents of my car trunk.

Yeah you read that right, my trunk. It seriously has the most random assortment of crap in it right now that I find it pretty amusing. So here goes, currently residing in my trunk is:

  • Clorox clean wipes
  • Two neon colored badminton rackets
  • Two badminton birdies
  • A United States atlas
  • Red fuzzy blanket
  • Cheapo purple umbrella from Target
  • Ginormous box of water bottles
  • Zebra striped bathing suit that’s way too big
  • A coffee maker (and I don’t even drink coffee)
  • Plug in alarm clock
  • High school sweat shirt

Now if that isn’t random stuff I don’t know what is. Got anything ridiculous hiding out in your trunk these days?

happy wednesday!

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