Just say no Riley, just say no.

So I was going to play a game today, but then I realized that the past couple Tuesdays I’ve taken the time to post Hollywoodness, so why stop now? Those crazy kids of Hollywood just keep the news coming so I might as well share it. The game post can happen tomorrow, woo. So here goes Hollywood:

Okay so who knew that Ashley Olsen was dating Justin Bartha??? Anyone? Anyone? How did I miss this little love connection? According to People they’re an item, hmm. And for anyone who doesn’t know Justin Bartha, he’s Riley from the National Treasure movies, meaning: he is awesome. And pretty hilarious. But he’s with an Olsen….and I don’t get it.

Mandy oh Mandy, I heart you. Seriously, this girl rarely has a bad fashion day and she’s normalesque. Basically I want to be her friend. And meet her stylist. I want that dress, no really, like yesterday.

Hi Keanu. Enjoying the French Riviera? Working on your tan? I kid, I kid you don’t tan, you shine :)

So I know this happened on Friday but it still makes me laugh, Jen Garner (my fave) locked her keys in her car…and Violet! Luckily Violet is one smart cookie and Jen was able to tell her how to unlock the car and get herself out, whew, close one. Apparently Violet emerged from the car holding the keys victoriously, yes she is a cute one. Heart her.

and just for kicks here she is with Papa Ben today, precious!

Okay enough of the cute Violetness. How about cute Ryan Goslingness? Okay. Super.

Seriously. I just want to go watch The Notebook right now.

Well that’s about all the Hollywoodness I have for today. Did I miss anything? Feel free to add on in the comments, woot.

happy tuesday!