We’re a classy bunch.

So. The weekend. Wow. Yeah that pretty much sums it up and my post on Friday was pretty accurate so that was sweet.

So you want to hear about it? Well not hear, but read about? Or not even read just get the picture summary? How about a sweet combination of both? Okay sweet. Here goes:

Friday morning Liz and I got up early and headed over to the beach, fabulous. It was sort of overcast at first, but eventually cleared up and we both got some burns to show for it, haha.

Liz was even crazy enough to go in the water,
yeah no way I was going in, haha.

I took this with full intention of a new blog header, woo.
Friday night went to a work party then headed over
to Barney’s in Old Town and it was all sorts fabulous.

Aw, College friends reunited…

and so mature :)

For once my hair isn’t taking over the picture, woo!
And we look cute!

The boys look so nice…

and yet are so crazy.

But the girls are just as crazy (if not crazier).

Seriously, love this picture, haha.

Can you guess who the sisters are?

Me, Liz and Matt, fabulous.

So all in all it was a fabulous night with lots of drinks, lots of friends and lots of pictures to show for it. And clearly I was all about the “crazy pictures” because I kept saying “stop smiling and make silly faces”, I just like those so much more, haha. But yes, great night.

Saturday spent the day BBQing with my fam and taking in some sun and nursing my lameo hangover (yes I said lameo, because really it was). Saturday night we were going to go out, but basically Liz, me and Matt were exhausted, Friday seriously took a toll. So instead we called it an early night and watched a movie and all headed to bed.

Sunday Liz and I went shopping with my family and spent the day just doing whatever. I didn’t actually get to see my dad that much since he went golfing. But later in the afternoon we all hung out and bonded together over one ridiculous Lakers game (don’t even get me started, gah). After the game Liz and I hung out at her hotel and watched Remember the Titans until we fell asleep, riveting I know, haha.

Basically it was a great weekend and so fun to spend so much time with Liz since we rarely see each other any more (damn you geography, put Ohio and California next to each other!). And luckily I get to see her tonight too before she heads out tomorrow, wee!

Anyhoo, time to get crackin and catch up on work (woo!). Hope you all had a most fabulous weekend!

happy monday!