I think you should know:

  • I finished “19 Minutes” last night. Wow. Seriously, wow. Jodi Picoult is one extraordinary writer. Although the jumping of time frames and people makes it a little confusing to keep track of at times, it’s still so good and I think that’s what sort of makes it better. Unlike “My Sister’s Keeper”, I definitely did not see the twist at the end of this one coming at all. So all in all, I highly recommend this book. Just know it’s sort of a tough subject (like all Jodi’s books apparently) and may be a little rough to read at times, but definitely a good one. Next up on my reading agenda: “The Time Traveler’s Wife.”
  • I finally watched the season finale of Greek. Oh man. That show is so Dawsonesque now it’s sort of ridiculous. But of course I still love it. And Spring Break? Who doesn’t love an episode about Spring Break? I mean really. I wish I was going on Spring Break. And I loved how they actually involved something in the show that was basically “ripped from the headlines” a la Law and Order, haha. But I think the best part was the very end. I laughed out loud and can only imagine how the season premiere will begin.
  • Apparently my brain is mush before 10. I walked out of my house this morning without my car keys (nice job) and then bought a birthday present online for the fabulous Kiki and forgot to change the shipping address so it’s coming to my house instead of hers! Ah!
  • I had a dream last night that I had lunch with Barack Obama. Don’t really know what we talked about but we did the fist pump, and it was awesome.
  • The Lakers finally pulled out a win against the Celtics, making the series 2-1 now. And my Dodgers beat the Padres 7-2. Finally, LA sports teams are kicking ass (at least for a night).
  • My friend Liz, along with family from Hawaii are coming into town tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited! All the makings for a fabulously amazing long weekend :)
  • Today the all wonderful Charlie Conway aka Pacey Whitter aka Joshua Jackson turns 30! Happy Birthday Josh! Maybe for your birthday you should come by my job, it’s a trendy spot. I’ll buy you some birthday coffee! Or a cupcake! You have to want a cupcake, I mean that’s amazing incentive right there. Anyhoo, hope you and Diane celebrate your birthday to the fullest!
    You rock! :)

happy wednesday!