Around the Hollywoodsphere.

So after perusing the internet a bit, I’ve come across some stellar Hollywood news that I just have to share (and clearly I’m all about the Hollywood gossip/news/random info), so here we go:

  • Today is my British alter-ego‘s 33rd birthday! Woo! Happy Birthday Mel B!

  • Ashlee “I look like Pete” Simpson-Wentz and Pete “I look like Ashlee” Wentz confirmed the widely rumored pregnancy. Seriously people, seriously? Ah. I don’t really even know what to say. Well I do have one word of advice, eye liner and hair straighteners are not for babies, just so you guys know.
  • And speaking of WTF and Seriouslyness?! My most favorite people (insert total sarcasm) Heidi and Spencer have announced (well mainly she did, but probably because he made her), have announced that they’re ready to get married again….gaaaaaaaah. Someone just take them away? Please? Pretty please.
  • And if for some reason you seemed to miss word that one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood is back on the market….mmmmmyesMr. George Clooney is a single man again. Let’s just admire his suaveness, okay?
    mmmmmmm :)
  • Okay and speaking of other hot guys, Christian Bale (well actually Batman) is the newest spokesperson for the Got Milk? ads. Is it sad that seeing this ad just furthers my excitement for The Dark Knight, haha? Yeah I seriously cannot wait.

  • Speaking of movies, it was announced today that Eddie Murphy will reprise his role as Axel Foley for a Beverly Hills Cop 4 (slated to come out in 2010). Um. Seriously? Is everyone running out of ideas that they have to keep adding on to old franchises? Speaking of which, did you know a Jurassic Park 4 is in the works as well? Crazy pants I say, crazy.
  • Ty Ty has done it again. Well technically New York Magazine has done it by comparing the all and mighty Ty Ty to the likes of Oprah and Martha Stewart?! Um I love Tyra and all, but I don’t think she’s reached that point juuuuust yet.

  • Here’s Keanu on the set of The Private Lives of Pippa Lee. I really have no story to go with this, just that it’s Keanu and I heart him :)

Well that’s all the Hollywoodness I care to cover today, hope you all have one fabulous day that’s oh so close to Friday :)

happy thursday!