I got tired just writing this.

So are you ready? Ready to jump out of your seat??!

Okay really I don’t know what I’m talking about, just be prepared to be tired once I recap what a ridiculous weekend I just had. On your mark….get set….go!

Friday: Got off of work early (awesome) and headed over to Matt’s house and basically napped/lounged/watched a movie until it was time to head to the Dodger game. Oh Dodgers, my Dodgers. We got to the game a bit early because my mom won this raffley thing and got to go on field beforehand and get up the megatron, that was pretty cool (and I was slightly jealous):

The game itself was okay, nothing too exhilarating (we ended up losing 2-1, sad). Got to hang with the fam and Matt and that’s always entertaining. And I think my brothers enjoyed the beach balls more than the game, haha.

The only ridiculous part came at the bottom of the 9th inning when the weather decided that a torrential downpour was necessary. Yeah we were all drenched. And even better, Matt and I couldn’t find my car, oh yes that’s always fun, haha. Well eventually we made it home and dried off and I’m pretty sure just curled up to watch a movie and get some much needed sleep, whew.

Saturday: Woke up earlyish and headed over to the park for a goodbye party for my friend Charisma who’s heading back to Boston. It was definitely a fun time playing with the little kids and talking with Charisma and the other adults in the park (the weather even held out for the most part).

After the party in the park we all hung at my house for a bit and played some Scene It (man I love that game) and stayed warm since the wind and gloomy weather was picking up outside. And before I knew it, it was time for Matt and I to head to my cousin’s birthday party. So off we went to Monterey Park (man that place is so hidden) for a fun filled party. Seriously, my cousin and her boyfriend know how to throw a party, I wish I got a picture to show it, but they had so much alcohol, like 160 jell-o shots and so much BBQ, it was amazing. And because I was still on a high from last weekend’s “non-hangover” I drank like a champ (which came to kick me in the ass that night, haha). But all in all it was a great party and we’ll be celebrating again next weekend so that should be just as kick ass, woo.

After her party Matt and I headed to a shindig at Red, White and Bluezz. Even though we didn’t stay long, it was still fun and I enjoyed a fabulous pineapple juice and rum (seriously, delcious). So after that we just headed back to Matt’s house since he had to be up early for golf, woo. Annnnd then it was time to sleep, seriously I don’t think I did enough of that this weekend.

Sunday: Sunday oh Sunday. Woke up earlyish and went home for a bit. I played some Sims 2 (yes I am seriously obsessed) and did some bill paying (woo, aren’t you jealous?) and just enjoyed some chill time at home. It was so nice, seriously loved it. Eventually I headed back over to Matt’s house to watch the Laker game with his brothers and dad. Man. Lakers. Seriously!? Well it wasn’t all the Lakers fault for the loss, those refs were sort of ridiculous. There were so many fouls in that game, I could have been a better ref (okay that’s a lie, but you get my point, haha). So anyhoo watched the game and hung out a bit, then before I knew it it was time to get ready. Get ready for what you ask?? For a girl’s night out at Blvd. 3 for a Sex and the City party! Woo!
We almost didn’t get in because the line was ridiculous and it was sort of a joke. So we ended up going all out and getting bottle service, ah! Crazy pants I know, but it ended up being totally worth it. Let me show you:

The Brooklyn Bridge in the middle of the club

Me, Maya, Kat, and Megan all cute like :)

We’re ready for our close up

I just wanted to emphasize that we got a second bottle (for free!)
even if it was half full, it was still awesome

I wore heels, seriously I did! And that had to be documented.

So apparently this party was sponsored by the Pleasure Chest
and we all got free “toys”, Kat and Maya are really excited for theirs, haha

This is what I do when someone says pose, haha

All in all it was a great night. We danced and drank all night long and it was so much fun. Then I got home to Matt’s house and stayed up til about four playing basketball with him and his brother, haha, yes we are awesome. Basically it was one kick ass night.

Monday: So after going to bed so late you’d think we’d sleep in a bit, but no, we didn’t, haha. Matt and I were up by like 9 and made some breakfast and hung out and then eventually fell back asleep, haha. The only thing on our agenda yesterday was seeing Indiana Jones with his family. So we got there a little before the movie started and it was so packed we had to sit in the second row (yeah we got up close and personal, haha). So we saw the movie. Um. Yeah. I don’t really know where to start to give it any sort of review. I heard all these good things about it, but I was pretty let down. It started off pretty good and then it got beyond ridiculous. I won’t give anything away but there were just so many things that left me saying “WTF?!” If you ask Matt about the movie he’ll basically say that he wants his money and his two hours back, I on the other hand was not that disappointed, but I’m pretty close. Just know that if you go see it you’re in for a typical Indy movie but with more than enough corniness and WTFness to last you for three more movies.

So that was my weekend. I think I hit every possible aspect of craziness and business that now I need another weekend. Luckily the next weekend is only three days away, haha.

And how was your weekend? Hope it was fabulous!

happy tuesday!