I heart half days.

So today I’m taking another page out of the fabulous Janet’s book to bring you my loves and dislikes of today:

Love: Tonight I’m going to the Dodger game, woo!
Seriously dislike: It’s a freaking torrential downpour outside so the game may get rained out or we may get soaked, eck.

Love: Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger, seriously they are so cute.

Dislike: That I have yet to meet them, I mean really is it too much to ask???

Love: Grey’s Anatomy. And the fact that I actually like Meredith again, even though Cristina will always be my favorite. That and that Derek finally had some freaking morals, finally.
Dislike: How predictable the finale was last night. I pretty much who was going to live, who was going to make out and all in all what was going to happen (but don’t get me wrong I still liked it, haha).

Love: Going to the gym in the morning. I’ve gone about five times now and I really like it, so hopefully I can stick to it.
Dislike: I only can work out so much since I have to get home, get ready for work, etc. So I still need to go to the gym on some afternoons.

Love: My Ipod for knowing exactly what songs to play this morning at the gym.
Dislike: I almost left it at home which made me leave later than usual.

Love: Indiana Jones came is out! (seriously one of the best theme songs ever)
Dislike: Who knows when I’ll have time to see it, this is going to be one ridiculously busy weekend.

Love: My hair looks pretty awesome today (the only benefit of rainy weather).
Dislike: It definitely doesn’t look this good every day.

Love: It’s a half day and Friday and a three day weekend!
Dislike: Yeah there’s nothing to dislike about

What do you love or dislike about today?

happy weekend all!