I had Captain Crunch for breakfast…that should explain things.

So today I had a whole post figured out but instead there are a couple random things I’d like to share:

One. So I was reading a couple days ago that they are making another Terminator movie. And not just one, but apparently three new ones. And who is playing John Connor…..Christian Bale?!? Ah. I heart him. But in the Terminator movies??? I’m not quite sure. I think I’m good with him just sticking to Bruce Wayne.

Two. As you may recall I’m a big baseball fan. Well mainly a Dodger fan. And I have been for a long time. And during my time as a baseball fan Mike Piazza has been my fave. Even after he left the Dodgers I still sort of followed him and tried to go to games when his team did play the Dodgers. Well yesterday Mike announced his retirement from baseball. Now I know he wasn’t really on a team this year and was basically retired anyways, but I’m still a bit sad. He still has the most homeruns for any catcher and a couple other records. Basically he rocks and he will be missed from the baseball world.

Three. So I don’t really ever watch Dancing with the Stars but I happened to catch the finale on Tuesday and wow. It was good, it was fun, yada yada yada. But to me the best part was Usher’s performance of “Yeah.” Did you watch it? Seriously, it was kind of fun. So if you missed it, check it out:

*update, i can tell he lip synced, i just liked the dancing and the song itself, thats’ all i’m sayin :)*

Four. So remember how I said I just finished My Sister’s Keeper and how they’re making a movie about it? Well some screen caps were shown today of a bald Cameron Diaz, however it’s a bald cap. Now the reason the Fanning girls quit the movie is because they didn’t want to shave their heads. Now I take it the girls that are signed on now (Abagail Breslin and Sofia Vassilieva) are going to go bald for real but doesn’t that seem a little unfair? Cameron gets to wear a cap while the young girls have to go bald for real. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but that just doesn’t seem right.
*another update. i’ve sort of changed my mind on this, haha. i realize that the daughter is probably bald for more in the movie than cameron so it does make more sense. but it’s still interesting*

Five. And just for kicks a funny pic of Kat and I :)

Well that’s all I got for today, time to get workin workin.

happy thursday!