Clearly I pick favorites in Hollywood.

Once again it’s Tuesday and I’m about to resort to some bullet point notes, just so you know, I’m giving you a head’s up….and here goes:

  • On Friday I finished My Sister’s Keeper. It was so good. I defintiely called what happened at the end, but that didn’t stop me from tearing it up. The story itself made me think and the characters made me sympathize, so basically Jodi did one amazing job. And now after reading the book I’m having a really hard time picturing Cameron Diaz as the mom in the movie adaptation and Alec Baldwin as the lawyer. But who knows, maybe they’ll surprise me.
  • A Shiloh sighting!? Twice in two weeks, this is almost unheard of. But I do not mind, she is freaking adorable.
  • America Ferrera I heart you. No really, I do. You freaking look flawless, you don’t have any scandals and you’re my age. You are my hero. You’re right up there with Mandy Moore, just so you know.

    Oh and where did you get this fabulous black dress??? I want it!

  • It takes a very secure man to rock pink attire or any shade. Joshua Jackson is very secure and very confident, especially when Diane Kruger is at his side. They are seriously precious and I love them and heart him and ah!

    Ah and even better, BuzzSugar has a new snippet of Josh’s new Fall show, Fringe. I cannot wait, even if it looks ridiculous. But check it out, Team Josh!

  • So the Mummy and the Mummy Returns are two of my favorite movies (I finally got them on DVD for my birthday, woo!) so I don’t really know how I feel about the fact that a third one is coming out. I’m pretty torn actually. Especially since Rachel Weisz isn’t reprising her role as Evie and Maria Bello is taking her place (pshaw, no). Anyhoo, Lipstick Bitches posted a trailer for the newest installation in the series, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and I’m sharing it here, what do you think? A bomb or a blockbuster? I’m not quite sure yet…

Okay well that’s all I got for today in the Hollywood realm. I haven’t watched Greek yet and How I Met Your Mother was definitely sweet and had one fabulous ending, so check them out.

As for me it’s time to get crackin on the work day, woo! Have a most fabulous day all.

happy tuesday!