Le Brawn

Hi guys!

I’m Katelin’s college friend, Jen. Since Kate’s out of town (and sadly, not to visit me in NC again!), she asked me to guest post.

Those of you that have read Katelin’s blog for longer than six seconds will be familiar with her fabulous roster of actor and musician crushes. Joshua Jackson, Keanu, Craig David, Ryan Cabrera, and NKOTB (performing live this morning!!!) are just a few of her faves.

Since it’s Friday and the craziness of the work week has dissolved my brain to mush and the “ooh”ing and “aah”ing come much easier than actual words, here are some of my favorite boys:

First and foremost, Monsieur LeBron James:

It wasn’t until I moved from Cleveland to North Carolina (a land of awesomeness, but devoid of any worthy professional sports) that I realized how great it is to have pro teams nearby. At the moment, we’re smack dab in the middle of NBA playoffs, and Cavs games are finally on television down here (finally, a televised sport other than NASCAR!). We face elimination tonight, but hopefully LeBron will save the day.

And an action shot before we move on:

But a guy doesn’t have to be a pro athlete. A sense of humor will do just fine. Let us examine fine specimen numero deux:

Did you watch The Office season finale last night?!?! If you haven’t seen it yet, I won’t spoil it, but ahhhhh. I really love Pam & Jim, but it’s gotten a little too lovey-dovey and boring. I miss the sexual tension! That said, can the next season start tomorrow, please??

And let’s not forget the gentlemen that melt my heart with music:

Michael Bublé – so cute! This must be his Harlequin cover shot. Emily Blunt is so lucky to be dating him – he wrote “Everything” for her, I don’t think it gets much more romantic than that.

My Idol pick: David Cook! I just think he’s gorgeous, despite the fact that he’s a man and is practically skinnier than me.

But if things don’t work out between me and LeBron, John, Mike, or Dave, I am fully prepared to be a crazy cat lady and furmom to this guy:

And to leave you with a dose of crazy/funny, check out a younger Bill O’Reilly flipping out because the teleprompter wasn’t working and below that, the always funny Stephen Colbert’s rebuttal (anyone else see the Ron Burgundy similarities??): (ETA: Boo, y’all, YouTube removed the Colbert video! Below O’Reilly is a snippet, but sadly not the whole thing.)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for inviting me to guest post, Kate, and just between you and me, I know the truth. I know that you’ve skipped town to see NKOTB perform on the Today Show…just bring back Joey’s autograph, okay?