Cupcakes + Movies + Bibs = Awesome.

I think I need a weekend for my weekend, haha. Seriously, I just don’t take it easy any more. But that’s okay the weekend was awesome and that’s pretty much all that matters. So a recap? By bullet point? Of course I will, here goes:

Friday: I finally saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Matt and I went and I’m so glad we did. It was hilarious. Definitely lived up to all the great reviews I’d heard from everyone. Matt has a new crush on Mila Kunis (and I admit, she did look pretty hot) whereas I left the theater loving Jason Segel just a little bit more, he’s just so darn cute! After the movie we just went home had some Pinot and pizza and watched some West Wing, we are awesome, haha.

Saturday: After not waking up until 11 (seriously I don’t remember the last time that happened, love it!) Matt and I scurried about, had some brunch and then were on our way to the LA Cupcake Meetup hosted by the fabulous Tara. It was my first cupcake meetup and my first time meeting a blogger in real life, so I was a bit nervous. But in the end it all worked out. Tara is super nice and the cupcakes were delicious, so no worrying necessary, cupcakes calm all nerves, haha.
After the meetup we ran about town getting Mother’s Day gifts and wrapping and all that fun stuff. Then before we knew it, it was time to celebrate Matt’s birthday for the fourth time, haha, yes he is very loved. We all headed down to the Crab Pot in Long Beach where basically all your food is tossed on the table in front of you and it’s a free for all…basically awesome, haha.

The even cooler part is that you get mallets and bibs, seriously who doesn’t love a mallet or a bib? All in all, another great night with some lovely people :)

Sunday: Mother’s Day, precious. My whole family went out to brunch (which was delicious) which is a rarity in itself, haha, so that was fun. Then I took my mom to the movies and we saw What Happens in Vegas (it was cute, pretty funny, not as bad as I thought it was going to be, so that was nice). Afterwards we just went home and had a very family filled afternoon/evening full of domino playing (I won, woot woot) and TV watching, it was lovely.

And that was my weekend, whew.
And how was yours? Just as crazy? :)

happy monday!