Happy Blogoversary!

Happy Blogoversary to me, Happy Blogoversary to me, Happy Blogversary to my bloooooooog, Happy Blogoversary to me!

Woot woot. Can you believe it? A year ago today I started up writing on this bad boy and haven’t looked back since. My writing style has definitely changed, as have my topics, and heck even my URL, but I think it’s all been for the better. I have finally found my voice. Errr my blogging voice. It’s not like I was a mute or anything before, I just figured how to have a little more fun with my writing and realize that I type like I talk and that’s just fine.

I would do a recap over the months, but really I talked about the most random shit and I still do, so in order to recap would probably take hours upon hours to do it all justice. Instead, I just want to say a big THANK YOU.

Thank you to Matt and my friends that started reading this after I discretely sent the link along, to the friends that read this after I linked it on Facebook, to my entire family who I know comes here every now and then and then of course a big thanks to my lovely freaders! Who knew I would “meet” such amazingly kick ass people just by starting a blog? And I love it. I hope to actually meet some of you soon if not in LA but at BlogHer or whatever other random opportunities present themselves, but you get the point. Thank you!

I’d also like to thank Keanu Reeves, Joshua Jackson, Suri, Violet, Tyra and every other random celebrity that has provided me with some great writing material :)

have a great weekend all!

happy friday!