I’m wining into the weekend.

So first of all, last night was a birthday party for Matt and my friend Mike and I thought it’d be a smart idea to have a whole bottle of wine. Good god. Word to the wise. This is not a smart idea. Don’t do it. Back away from the pinot. Especially if you have work the next morning. Ouch. However, it was still a great time. Megan even took this super cuteness picture to document it:

So yes, great time. But bottle of wine on a Thursday night makes for a difficult Friday at work, oy. At least we get pizza today, yummm.

And moving on, I can’t type much longer. So thank you all who posted your fabulously amazingly nice and moving stories of random kindness for my “pay it forward contest“, I loved reading them. I loved them so much that I couldn’t pick a favorite, haha. I had to use a randomizer. So the winners are…..drum roll please……..

Congrats ladies! Loved your stories! So please email me your addresses and your prizes will be on their way!

Anyhoo time to get crackin into my day, so I can enjoy my weekend! Lots and lots of funness ahead :)

hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

happy friday!