Birthdays are for "wishlists"

Well since my birthday is tomorrow I think it’s only appropiate that I share with you my birthday “wishlist”…. also titled “things that I’m in no way getting tomorrow, but a girl can dream can’t she?”:

The Elsa Peretti Letter “K” pendant from Tiffany’s
(yes I know, I’m not really a Tiffany’s girl but this necklace is so simple and beautiful)

The winning lotto ticket
because really, that’d be awesome

No hangover Sunday morning after a weekend of celebrating :)

A tank of gas for under $30

Joshua Jackson to magically appear on tonight’s new episode of Grey’s

This fabulous Luella Edith bustier dress

And everything I included on my Christmas list except Grey’s and a kiss under the misletoe, I already got those :)

Well even if I don’t get those tomorrow I know I’ll be more than happy with anything else. Man I love birthdays. :)

happy thursday!