How I’ve Met My Birthdays.

So first of all, anyone watch How I Met Your Mother last night? Oh man. James Van Der Beek was hilarious. He looked horrible the whole time, granted that was the point, and his Canadian accent cracked me up, love it.

And speaking of Dawson’s Creek alumni, Joshua Jackson and his leading lady, Diane Kruger, stepped out to the opening of “La Fille Du Regiment” at the Met. And boy does he look suave!

swoon :)

And now to pictures of birthdays past, sweet. As I mentioned yesterday, Friday is my birthday and anyone that knows me knows that I love birthdays, and not just my own. But seriously, how can you not love a good birthday. So of course I get all that more excited when my own birthday arrives and I can spend the time with my family and friends and have an all around amazing time. Now I’ve gotten lucky over the years too. I don’t really think I’ve ever had a bad birthday. And well, last year was no exception.

So today’s birthday pics come to you from the year of my 23rd birthday, enjoy!

Matt surprised me with a party and a fuzzy balloon,
Oh I do love him :)

Dance party! Dance party!

The hula skirt ended up all over me and the floor
by the end of the night, oh good times