Speed 3 anyone? Anyone?

So I know I was all over the place in yesterday’s post and it really looks like today will not be much better, haha. I just found out a couple things that I pretty much have to share.

First of all, who knew Sandra Bullock (my most favorite of favorite actresses) was back in the romantic comedy game?!?! Because I surely did not. Sandra decided to pursue other genres of movies for a while to give other leading ladies a chance, but alas she is back! And not only is she back, but she’s filming a rom com, The Proposal, with Ryan Reynolds! Presh! Love. Heart. Woo.

And as much as I love the idea of Sandra and Ryan together, we all know that I love Sandra and Keanu a whole lot more (Lake House 2 anyone?). And speaking of my man Keanu, his latest and greatest action/drama/cop/Jack Traven reincarnated movie Street Kings hits theaters today. Now I know I bashed this movie, because honestly…it looks horrible, buuuuut that doesn’t mean that I won’t be seeing it this weekend. Somehow I have convinced Matt and my friends (because they are just that cool) to come and see it with me sometime this weekend. So be warned, Monday’s post may have more Keanu than you’re ready for, haha.

And lastly, unrelated to either Sandra or Keanu, the lovely Andrea at My Big Fat Italian Life has tagged little oh me for a meme. But not just any meme, it basically says I get to write my own six word memoir. Now I know I’ve come up with a couple on my own and posted them on people’s blogs but for today, this is my memoir:

Laughing and kissing always work best.

Well I would tag people, but I feel like so many people have already done it before. So feel free to make your own memoir, or leave it in my comments.

happy friday!