23 going on 12.

I really don’t get embarrassed that easily. Almost everyone I know has some sort of picture that could blackmail me if I ever got famous, I have a ridiculous taste in movies and TV, I have been known to have my “blond moments” and there has been no shortage of me occasionally tripping or spilling something and then laughing it off. But today, I am embarrassed.

Well embarrassed may not even be the right word to explain it. More like, I feel like I should be twelve and admitting this. But seriously, I cannot get Miley Cyrus’s freaking song out of my head. I’m not even kidding. I woke up with it buzzing around my brain Now I can’t wait/
To see you again
And why do I feel the urge to have a freaking dance party at my desk when I listen to this song My best friend Leslie said/”Oh, She’s just bein’ Miley” Ah! See!?!

Don’t even ask me how this got started. A couple days ago I was singing “How Does She Know” from Enchanted and now it’s Miley. I really don’t know how to cure this. Josh Kelley I need you to release a new poppy song, ASAP. Or New Kids, release the whoooole song of “Click Click”, no really, do it now.

Well that’s all I got today, Miley Madness invading my brain. And just so you can have it stuck in your head too, here’s the song (I know, I’m so nice, haha), enjoy!:

happy monday!