Reasons why my weekend rocked.

  • Double date Friday night to the theater (man that sounds fancy) We saw Don Juan, pretty funny but the second half I’m convinced Moliere was on an acid trip.
  • Got my hair chopped off. My summer cut is officially here…which means Summer weather needs to come back, no more of this cloudy business.

  • I finished “A Thousand Splendid Suns” and man I almost cried. Khaled Hosseini seriously needs to write a book a month just for me. It was amazing. I don’t even know how to describe it, but I was so captivated and moved by this story, I may even almost like it better than Kiterunner, just maaaaybe.
  • I got to be lazy and lovely and hang out with Matt Saturday afternoon and watch random movies (I heart cable).
  • Fabulous Mediterranean food, and I mean fabulous.
  • Seeing lots of high school friends for a birthday party, love it.
    Matt and Steve

    Steve, Amin and Ian

    Amin and Matt with the amazing fruitalicious hookah

    Me and the birthday boy, Omar, woo!
  • I almost won a game of pool, almost.
  • Family from Arizona was in town and we had a delicious brunch (that I didn’t have to pay for, always a plus)
  • I watched part of Dan in Real Life with my mom (I fell asleep half way through because I was so dang tired) and basically slept all afternoon, only waking up to watch random shows on TV.
  • Had some quality family and boyfriend time playing Last Word. Even though my dad didn’t understand it, my little brother apparently thinks a baseball is flat and it was all around chaos, I still had fun.
  • Got to watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and I barely cried, it must be a record.
  • I played the Sims 2. It’s been months. And oh how I missed it.
  • And then I got to sleep some more, oh heaven.

So basically I wish all weekends could be like this one, just add some more sun and we’re set. What did you do this weekend?

happy monday!